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Dershowitz: Force May Be Israel’s Only Option Against Iran Nukes

 If negotiators allow Iran to continue with its nuclear energy program, Israel “may have no choice” but to launch pre-emptive military strikes against Iranian targets to delay development of nuclear weapons, former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz Said on Monday. And even then, Dershowitz told “MidPoint” host Ed Berliner, Israeli military action can only “set […] Read More →

Mysterious malware performs ‘stealthy surveillance’

 A highly sophisticated piece of malware began quietly spying on governments and businesses in 2008, according to security specialist Symantec, which warns that the complex code was likely the handiwork of a nation state. In a note released on Sunday, Symantec Security Response described the Regin malware as a “top-tier espionage tool,” which enables “stealthy […] Read More →

Cheap-Oil Era Tilts Geopolitical Power to U.S.

 A new age of abundant and cheap energy supplies is redrawing the world’s geopolitical landscape, weakening and potentially threatening the legitimacy of some governments while enhancing the power of others. Some changes already are evident. Surging U.S. oil production enabled America and its allies to impose tough sanctions on Iran without having to worry much […] Read More →

Pat Buchanan: Did We Vote for War?

 “How do you like the Journal’s war?” So boasted the headline of William Randolph Hearst’s New York flagship that week in 1898 that the United States declared war on Spain. While Hearst’s Journal, in a circulation battle with Joe Pulitzer’s World, was a warmongering sheet, it did not start the war. Yet the headline comes […] Read More →

Gaza War’s Final Victim: Two-State Solution

 The mood in Israel today is simply bleak. With acrimony over this summer’s Gaza War still consuming the security services, and Palestinian attacks on Israelis raising the specter of a Third Intifada, there is a feeling that things may go very wrong, very soon. Now, the Knesset is considering a bill that would formally apply […] Read More →

Iran Signs Russia Reactor Deal as Nuclear Talks Falter

 Iran signed an agreement with Russia to obtain as many as eight new reactors, as world powers struggle to reach an accord capping the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. The deal was signed in Moscow yesterday by Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, and Sergei Kiriyenko, the chief executive of Rosatom Corp. It […] Read More →

Iran general said to mastermind Iraq ground war

 When Islamic State militants retreated from the embattled town of Jurf al-Sakher last week, the Iraqi military was quick to flaunt a rare victory against the extremist group, with state television showing tanks and Humvees parading through the town and soldiers touring government buildings that had been occupied by the militants since August. However, photos […] Read More →

Pat Buchanan: Police State and The Coming November Wars

 As it stands today, Republicans will add seats in the House and recapture the Senate on Tuesday. However, the near-certainty is that those elections will be swiftly eclipsed by issues of war, peace, immigration and race, all of which will be moved front and center this November. Consider. If repeated leaks from investigators to reporters […] Read More →

Hezbollah Expanding Its Network in Latin America — Terrorist Captured with Explosives in Peru

By: Brent Parrish The Right Planet  Back in 2011, Patrick Meehan, a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security and chairman of the Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, warned that the Lebanese Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah was expanding its influence in South America, stating Hezbollah “has a vast network in the region.” In 2012, […] Read More →