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Young America’s Foundation Sues Berkeley for Squelching Free Speech

Joy Overbeck, The recent disgraceful silencing of conservative star Ann Coulter by the UC  Berkeley high command with the lawless collusion of the town and campus police was just too much for Young America’s Foundation (YAF) the event’s main sponsor. After the school’s anointed snowflake-protectors first agreed to the Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) and YAF

Christian university denies conservative students’ request to form campus club

Lauren Fox – University of Notre Dame, Faculty leaders at Samford University – a private Christian university in Alabama – have temporarily denied a request from conservative students to form a campus club due to the “inflammatory” wording of their founding documents. The students had sought to launch a Young Americans for Freedom chapter at

Saint Louis University: Islamic Stronghold

Matthew Vadum, The campus’s mistreatment of Col. Allen West for daring to say “radical Islam” is only the tip of the iceberg. Founded two centuries ago, Saint Louis University began as a Roman Catholic institution, but given its antics in recent years, one could be forgiven for believing that it might be better classified as an

Students Walk Out Of Veteran’s Speech To Protest His Use Of Term ‘Radical Islam’

The College Fix, In response, West wrote an article saying he had been “censored,” and called modern college students who seek safe spaces “little cupcakes.” More than 100 students walked out on retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Allen West on Thursday as he began a speech at Saint Louis University to discuss the threat of

White students denounced as ‘racists,’ ‘white supremacists’ by classmates

Students from the University of Kansas’ Young America’s Foundation just learned the hard way that those who advocate for “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” for themselves aren’t as courteous about other people’s feelings. Thursday night, the University of Kansas YAF asked students who supported “safe spaces” to debate the topic, politely, with several young conservative

Young Conservatives Fuel Optimism in the Liberty Movement

Bob Barr  Normally these columns highlight the fact that something bad has occurred in American politics; in recent years, something usually relating to federal spending, privacy, government surveillance, loss of individual liberty, erosion of Second Amendment rights — come to think of it, most everything this Administration does. This week, however, something’s different. There’s a

Fascists Hated Free Markets And Traditional Values

In a promotional video for Young America’s Foundation’s new film, The Conservatives(which students can order for free here), Jonah Goldberg outlines the pillars of conservatism, while pointing out that these pillars were hated by fascists. Talking about fascism might seem dramatic, but at YAF, students tell  us this is one of the insults they