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The “Cataclysmic Conflict” Yet to Come

And what we can do to stop it. Corporate-financier interests driving US foreign policy have long ago conspired to use Al Qaeda and other sectarian extremist forces to create a Pan-Arabian mercenary force with which to fight their enemies. Warned about in 2007 in a prophetic 9-page report by veteran journalist, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner Seymour […] Continue reading →

O’Reilly, The Man Who Wasn’t There?

Matt Vespa,   Brian Williams’ suspension was a huge blow to NBC News. A flagship of the mainstream media was broadsided with a torpedo after Williams pretty much lied about his Iraq war exploits and other stories relating to the Lebanon War in 2006 and Hurricane Katrina. It was a fiasco. Some on the progressive left felt the need to […] Continue reading →

America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 222 Out of 239 Years – Since 1776

Washington’s Blog,  The U.S. Has Only Been At Peace For 21 Years Total Since Its Birth. In 2011, Danios wrote:  Below, I have reproduced a year-by-year timeline of America’s wars, which reveals something quite interesting: since the United States was founded in 1776, she has been at war during 214 out of her 235 calendar years of existence.  In other […] Continue reading →

War authorization’s difficult debate

George Will,  WASHINGTON — Americans, a litigious people, believe that rules for coping with messy reality can be written in tidy legal language. This belief will be tested by the debate that will resume when Congress returns from a recess it should not have taken, with a war to authorize. The debate concerns an Authorization […] Continue reading →