Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, August 6, 2022

Jonathan Blanks, CANTERBURY, N.H. —The Canterbury police chief has been arrested on a charge of aggravated felonious sexual assault, the Attorney General‘s Office announced Tuesday. Authorities said that between Jan. 1, 1999, and Aug. 3, 2000, John Laroche, now 44, assaulted a woman near the boat ramp in Boscawen. Officials said the victim was 16… [Read More]

FBI Raids Jade Helm Martial Law Preppers

Men allegedly feared fallout from domestic, multi-state military exercise. Three North Carolina men accused of violating federal firearms laws were reportedly amassing a weapons arsenal to fight back against a government martial law takeover, the FBI claims. On Saturday, federal agents and local and state police raided a tattoo parlor and two other homes near… [Read More]

Sadistic Cop Shoots Puppy in Front of Children, Laughs About It, Charges Owner with a Crime

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist Clayton County, GA — A tragic and insidious puppycide was reported this week in Clayton County when an officer callously and sadistically shot a puppy in front of children. A family is grieving after witnessing Clayton County police officer Walter Dennard walk up to their five-month-old lab-pit mix and… [Read More]

‘Terror’ Watchlists Erasing American Rights: Feds to “Revoke Passports Without Charge or Trial”

Another small step for authoritarian bureaucracy, another massive leap forward in the destruction of Americans rights to due process and full protection under the law. Increasingly, designations on watchlists, but official and unofficial, are replacing due process of suspicion, investigation, arrest, charge and trial, and skipping ahead to simply blacklist individuals and deny them equal… [Read More]

Massachusetts Cop to Driver in Video: ‘I’ll Put a Hole Right Through Your F___ing Head’

A Medford, Massachusetts police detective has been put on administrative leave after a driver posted dash cam footage of the officer threatening to “put a hole” in his head during a traffic stop made in an unmarked car. Det. Stephen Lebert allegedly pulled over the motorist after he accidentally turned the wrong way down a one-way street… [Read More]

NRA prepares to fight against Obama’s ‘largest gun grab in American history’

Michael Schaus,  The NRA is mustering its biggest guns on Capitol Hill to defeat a White House maneuver it calls the “largest gun grab in American history.” And one aimed squarely at some of the nation’s most vulnerable people. As part of President Obama’s plan to expand gun control through executive action, the Social Security… [Read More]

Cops as Criminals

Steve Chapman, Late one night, during high school, I was driving home when several police cars zoomed by. Curious about what was going on, I followed them down a residential street, where they pulled up to a house. I drove by and saw some officers walking up the sidewalk, but couldn’t tell what they might… [Read More]

Florida Man Ordered by City to Keep BBQ Smell From Leaving His Property

“You’re allowed to have it smell on your property, so that doesn’t count, but when I’m on the street, that’s when it counts” Video of the incident, originally posted to Facebook Wednesday by homeowner Scotty Jordan, shows Pinellas County Environmental Specialist Joe Graham discussing the alleged infraction with Jordan and friends after a nearby neighbor… [Read More]