The Coming Real Estate Bubble

 Three and a half years ago, my newly married household acquired an actual house, a 1,750-square-foot slice of paradise in Washington’s Eckington neighborhood. In real estate euphemism, the house is what’s known as “lightly renovated,” the neighborhood “transitional.” “Lightly renovated” meant that some stuff had been done, most of it badly, but the HVAC dated […] Continue reading →

Using the Calm Before the Storm: It’s Time to Prepare

By, Luke Hamilton The lull is almost over. Now what?  I don’t need to tell the savvy readership of Conservative Read that this economic “recovery” has been a combination of smoke and mirrors, held together with a shoestring and bubble gum. The plummeting economy, triggered by the collapse of our government-inflated housing bubble, was temporarily slowed […] Continue reading →

Nascar: It’s Bristol, baby: FOX Sports television schedule for Bristol Motor Speedway

Denny Hamlin wins NASCAR pole at Bristol  Denny Hamlin ended two weeks of Team Penske dominance by winning the pole for Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway. Hamlin set a track record Friday with a lap at 129.991 mph to earn the top starting spot and ensured that neither Brad Keselowski […] Continue reading →

House Obamacare vote sets stage for new campaign attacks

 The Republican-run U.S. House of Representatives on Friday approved a bipartisan deal to spare doctors from a looming Medicare pay cut but included a provision to undermine Obamacare, which critics said was a non-starter in the Democratic-controlled Senate. The vote was 238-181, with most House Democrats refusing to swallow what they called an Obamacare “poison […] Continue reading →

Newsmax Founder and CEO Christopher Ruddy to CNN: Newsmax TV Will Go Beyond Fox News

Newsmax Founder and CEO Christopher Ruddy told CNN Sunday that Newsmax TV will broaden the political conversation well beyond simple labels like “liberal” and “conservative.” “Fox is great at what it does,” Ruddy told CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with host Brian Stelter, adding that the conservative news giant’s owner Rupert Murdoch was a “genius” when he […] Continue reading →