Glenn Beck Will drop Ted Cruz like a hot potato

Headline’s misleading, as I’ll explain in a sec. Standard operating procedure when a politician’s caught in a sex scandal is for his close allies to rally around him. It was a regrettable lapse, he has much to atone for, but we all make mistakes and in the end it’s a private matter — you know how the script goes.

Beck’s having none of that.

If Cruz is guilty of what the National Enquirer’s accused him of, he says, I’m done. I heard that sentiment repeatedly from Cruz fans on social media this weekend. This is a campaign-killer if it can be proved, and Beck abandoning Cruz would be a perfect way to start the avalanche.

Remember, Beck hasn’t merely been Cruz’s most vocal supporter in conservative media; he’s talked about him increasingly as someone divinely ordained for the job.

A Cruz cheating scandal would betray what his supporters expect of him morally in a way that a Clinton sex scandal, say, never would. There’s no coming back from it.

What makes the headline (a little) misleading is that Beck doesn’t believe the accusations. How is it, she wondered, that the most hated man in the Senate, who’s had reporters sniffing around him for four solid years, has managed to keep his extracurriculars a secret from journalists and oppo researchers?

  • You people are SCUM- fortunately for America Trump’s going down now, but history won’t be treating his enablers too well