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The Jailbird Architect of Obama’s Global Warming Plan

Phil Kerpen  When President Obama announced an unprecedented effort by the EPA to strong-arm states into adopting cap-and-trade, he made the announcement not by focusing on the benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but rather on the so-called co-benefits that closing coal plants will have on particulate matter, which is already tightly regulated. These purported […] Continue reading →

California Rep. Kevin McCarthy selected as new House majority leader

WASHINGTON –  In a GOP leadership shuffle, Republican lawmakers voted Thursday for California Rep. Kevin McCarthy to succeed Rep. Eric Cantor as House majority leader after Cantor’s unexpected primary defeat last week.  McCarthy, a fourth-term lawmaker who had held the No. 3 GOP position, was elected by secret ballot.  “America is struggling,” he said after […] Continue reading →

‘Inventing terrorists’: New study reveals FBI set up terrorism-related prosecutions

 Nearly 95 per cent of terrorist arrests have been the result of FBI foiling its own entrapment plots as a part of the so-called post-9/11 War on Terror, a new study revealed. According to the report entitled ‘Inventing Terrorists: The Lawfare of Preemptive Prosecution’, the majority of arrests involved the unjust prosecution of targeted Muslim Americans. The […] Continue reading →

Veterans Affairs issued ‘gag order’ and engaged in criminal cover-ups, lawmakers say

Washington Examiner – by Mark Flatten  A Department of Veterans Affairs memo that prohibits top administrators from answering questions from members of Congress, the media or veterans’ groups is being called a “gag order” meant to cover up agency wrongdoing by a Kansas congressman. Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kansas, backed the charge by releasing the June 4 e-mail from Janet Murphy, acting deputy […] Continue reading →

6 Truths About Pornography

Matt Barber  The Bible is the “word of truth.” It’s mankind’s user manual. It’s the blueprint, even in suffering, for a joyful and fulfilled existence in this life, and an incomprehensibly glorious eternity in the next. The total truths and precepts inherent within the Judeo-Christian scriptures are both timeless and universally applicable to all people […] Continue reading →

SHOCKER: Obama Preparing To Attack Veterans

Kris Zane  Why would Obama’s Department of Homeland Security need two billion rounds of ammunition? Or why would the Department of Agriculture need submachine guns and ballistic body armor? Or why is Obama supplying 13,000 MRAPs—Armored mine resistant vehicles, valued at $500,000 each—to police departments coast to coast, free of charge? In a word: Veterans. […] Continue reading →

Missouri official proposes execution drug lab

 Missouri should establish its own laboratory to produce chemicals for use in executions rather than rely on an “uneasy cooperation” with medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies, the state’s attorney general said Thursday. Attorney General Chris Koster, a Democrat, spoke to the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis during the group’s meeting at Lake of the […] Continue reading →

U.S. veterans health probe confirms cover-up of care delays

 Calls for U.S. Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign grew louder on Wednesday as the agency’s inspector general confirmed “systemic” and widespread VA scheduling abuses to cover up long wait times for veterans’ healthcare. The Department of Veterans Affairs’ internal watchdog is probing manipulation of appointment data at 42 VA medical centers, up from […] Continue reading →

Bipartisan calls increase for Holder to investigate ‘level of criminality’ in VA scandal

Valerie Richardson | The Washington Times  Remember those who gave their lives for their country on Memorial Day, but don’t forget veterans who need their country’s help now. That was the message Sunday as lawmakers intensified calls for the Justice Department to take action in the Veterans Affairs hospital scandal, saying the accusations have crossed […] Continue reading →