Hillary Means Murder And Mayhem

Anthony Freda | Infowars,

If Clinton becomes US President more death and destruction will occur.

The tales of bodies lying in the wake of the Clinton’s brutish march through the political landscape are either true crime stories or American folklore.

We may never know what happened to Vince Foster or the other unfortunate souls who became impediments to this power-mad couple’s wet dream of global domination.

What we do know, is that Hillary has a legacy of crimes against the whole of humanity that cannot be disputed.

The Democratic nominee for president is the most corrupt, war-mongering female politician in U.S. history.

She enthusiastically promoted the lies that provided the pretexts to the Iraq War and lobbied her fellow Democrats to vote for the invasion. Her war is the bloodiest and most foolish foreign policy blunder of the 21st century.

She later claimed she was fooled by George Bush into voting for the war.

So by her own admission, she was outwitted by W.

The other explanation is that she is a mendacious war criminal who knew the pretexts were frauds and lied about why she sent American kids to die.

Either explanation should disqualify her from public office.


Hillary has accepted massive bribes in the form of speaking fees and donations to the slush fund known as The Clinton Foundation from dictators who execute homosexuals and stone women to death.

She exposed above-top-secret data including the names of covert U.S. officers who have since been killed.

She killed tens of thousands of people in Libya and the disastrous war she spearheaded has lead to the creation of a failed Libyan state that is today a major source of terror.

She ghoulishly boasted about the savage execution of Gaddafi that just happened to occur while she was in Libya.

She oversaw the arming, training and funding of terror groups aligned with Al Qaeda and Isis.

By murdering many innocent Muslims with drone bombings in seven countries, she helped create new generations of terror and the most extreme expressions of Islamic fanaticism.

She tries to portray Trump as an enemy of Islam, but there was no candidate in this election with more innocent Muslim blood on her hands than our loving matriarch.

Her less murderous past criminal exploits include Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate and more.

Diana Johnstone’s book, Queen of Chaos, describes Hillary Clinton as “the top salesperson for the ruling oligarchy.”

Hillary personally waged war on the women who were raped by her husband Bill, in an effort to discredit them.

Hillary helped diminish all of our rights and build a police state by voting for The Patriot Act.

Hillary helped pave the way for the big banks to criminally destroy economies via sanctioned greed and corruption.

Hillary Clinton is a spokesperson for the Wall Street criminals and the military-security complex.

She will represent their interests, not those of the American people.

Hillary exposed above-top-secret material, but wants to see Edward Snowden arrested for releasing classified evidence of systemic criminal activity.

A vote for Hillary is an endorsement of the Iraq War, the police state, and corruption.

It is disgraceful to watch the controlled media ignore her crimes or attempt to convert them into loving, patriotic devotions while they viscously attack Trump for the pettiest, meaningless faux-pax.

L.B.J. suggested that his rival for the throne Barry Goldwater might lead us to nuclear war with his infamous “Daisy” commercial.

Thank God this smear helped get L.B.J. elected so he could go on to massively escalate the Vietnam War and kill millions!

We see a similar dirty game plan being used again by the Democrats during this election cycle.

Sadly, despite her obviously immoral and criminal past, her coronation may be inevitable.

Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, breaking the law and thwarting the will of the people in the process.

Even Bernie said she was unqualified to be president, but now fully supports her in an epic sell-out.

Feel That Burn.

She may go on to steal the presidency if we let her.

The odds are against us, but we still have a chance to stop her by exposing her disastrous legacy.

Her supporters are victims of decades of deception and disinformation designed to manufacture their consent to the agenda of her masters and satiate her lifelong ambition for global power.

If we are unable to persuade her misguided loyal subjects, may their chains lie lightly upon them.


  • OregonBuzz

    Great article, but you left out Lying Skank. Also, I believe the body count in the Clinton back trail is now about 50 with the last 4 or 5 mystery deaths. If she should achieve the White House she should be coronated as “The Toxic Queen”.