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Swamp creature Comey threw Lynch, Trump, the press under the bus on Thursday

The Senate committee leadership deserves kudos for maintaining some sense of professionalism, comity, and civility at the recent hearing with James Comey. Chairman Burr and vice chairman Warner demonstrated an effective working relationship in a highly partisan environment. This is the one positive take away from the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing with former FBI Director

Obama White House counsel part of early talks on Clinton email release, notes show

Catherine Herridge, Pamela K. Browne, The Obama administration’s White House counsel was directly involved in deliberations over the release of Hillary Clinton emails as early as spring 2015, according to handwritten FBI agent notes released by the bureau late Friday. The notes read: “Pat Kennedy (early May ’15) calls interagency MTG (meeting) re: scheduled release

Obama Classified Number of Illegal Alien Muslim Migrants

Daniel Greenfield, Obama is big on making up his own laws and rules. He rules by executive order and he’s gotten into the truly illegal habit of unilaterally signing treaties with foreign governments. This is a very basic problem. And in the context of his deal to take in Muslim migrants rejected by Australia, he

Cowards: US President, Canadian PM, British Labour Leader Spit In The Face of Castro’s Victims

As Cuban dissidents flood the streets of Miami with tears of joy, recalling their painful experiences as victims of the Castro regime, world leaders, buckling under the weight of their own moral cowardice, continue to heap praise on a savage dictator who censored, abused, tortured, imprisoned, and killed his people mercilessly for six decades. From

White House agency getting worse at cyber-defense

The White House Office of Personnel Management, two years ago the focus of the worst cybersecurity intelligence breach in U.S. history, is actually regressing in its efforts to provide adequate defenses against further cyber-intrusions, according to a new report by the agency’s own Inspector General. The report is depressing news for an agency that has

Where Clinton and Trump Stand – on Every Major Issue

John Perazzo,  Spelling out the huge policy differences between the two candidates. In poll after poll, a majority of American voters have reported that they hold an “unfavorable” opinion of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Nevertheless, there are enormous differences in the policy positions which these two candidates embrace. Following is a comprehensive overview

Emails show NBC’s Andrea Mitchell telling Colin Powell Trump’s nomination is ‘awful’

It may not be a shock to her viewers, but NBC journalist Andrea Mitchell is not a fan of Donald Trump — and leaked emails from June apparently show her describing the prospect of Trump getting the Republican nomination as “awful.” Emails between former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Mitchell from June, and leaked

DOJ reportedly granted immunity to computer expert who deleted Clinton emails

The Department of Justice reportedly gave immunity to a computer expert who deleted Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails during its investigation into her private email server despite being ordered by Congress to keep them. The New York Times reported Thursday that the Justice Department’s immunity deal with Paul Combetta likely means that Republican lawmakers’

Sept. 11 drama on Air Force One unfolds in Bush aide’s handwritten notes

The notes are handwritten on a legal pad and provide a verbatim account of the shock, pain and grim determination aboard Air Force One on Sept. 11, 2001. They were scribbled by Ari Fleischer, press secretary for President George W. Bush, and he is releasing them to mark the 15th anniversary on Sunday of the

Hillary to FBI: Yes, Colin Powell Warned Me, But I Used Private Email Scheme Anyway

Neil W. McCabe, Hillary R. Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president, told FBI agents and three DOJ employees, whose names the FBI redacted, that she received an email from former secretary of state Colin Powell warning her that, whether her email was sent on private or government email systems, it was still to be treated

College Deems œMake America Great Again Whiteboard Messages a œRacial Attack

Jim Hoft, The Skidmore College Bias Response Group concluded recently that “Make America Great Again” slogans written on campus whiteboards were racially motivated attacks. The Bias Group said the slogan to make America great is associated with a candidate “widely known” to voice “anti-immigrant and bigoted views.”(Because he condemns illegal immigration?) The College Fix reported:

Bashing Trump not enough for Democrats to win Latino vote #TeamTrump

Latino groups have criticized the Democratic Party for relying too heavily on Republican Donald Trump’s inflammatory comments on illegal immigration to drive Hispanic voters to the polls, calling instead for the party to do more to address Latino concerns, according to meeting notes seen by Reuters. “(W)e cannot rely on Trump as that will set