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Clinton takes aim at Trump during commencement address at alma mater

Hillary Clinton didn’t pull any punches Friday when she took several jabs at President Trump – at one point even comparing him to Former President Richard Nixon - as she delivered the commencement address at her alma mater, Wellesley College. “When people in power invent their own facts and attack those who question them, it

Trump Has a New Nickname for Chuck Todd After Anchor’s Russia Investigation

Cortney O’Brien, President Trump was back at it on Twitter Saturday morning with fresh nicknames for NBC’s Chuck Todd, host of “Meet the Press,” who spent much of Friday analyzing Russia’s potential ties to the White House. When will Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd and @NBCNews start talking about the Obama SURVEILLANCE SCANDAL and stop with the

Where’s Russia’s Collusion with Trump? Here’s Cuba’s Collusion with Clinton

Humberto Fontova, Think Trump would boast about Russia’s Bolshoi Ballet performing at one of his “get out the vote” campaign rallies? Think the mainstream media might trumpet such an event as the Holy Grail, Golden Fleece and Smoking Gun of that ever-elusive “Russian collusion” with his campaign? Think Comey’s FBI might “look into it?” Especially

The Base’s Rage Ill Serves the Democratic Party

Michael Barone, In a week chock-full of news, the party that on the night of Nov. 8 found itself, much to its surprise, very much out of power has been having difficulty finding a way to return. Democratic senators, urged on by the left blogosphere and party activists, peppered Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch with

The freakout over Gorsuch is beyond the bounds of reason (GOP, I’m talking to you)

Erick Erickson, Republican activists are freaking out about Neil Gorsuch. You have to admit they have some reason to do so. Given the GOP’s propensity to appoint people to the Supreme Court who go wobbly, see e.g. Kennedy, Souter, and Roberts on Obamacare, the base gets concerned when certain things are said. But the freakout

We’re within two years of creating synthetic life. Are you frightened yet?

Jazz Shaw, The title probably sounds like something out of a disappointing Hollywood science-fiction plot, but in this case truth is truly stranger than fiction. Right up front we should point out that we’re not talking about cooking up super soldiers in a test tube… yet, but the implications could be staggering. Scientists are currently