Voter Fraud Alert: WI Voters, DO NOT CHECK THIS BOX!

Voters are heading to the polls today in Wisconsin, and 42 delegates are up for grabs as conservative businessman Donald J. Trump, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Ohio Governor John Kasich battle it out.

Wisconsin is an open primary, which favors Donald Trump, who has a unique ability attracts voters who don’t typically vote for Republicans. However, voters this morning have noticed a very strange box on the ballot which is labeled “uninstructed delegation.”

What it means is – A voter who checks it doesn’t want a delegate assigned to any of the candidates. Those decisions will be left to the Wisconsin Republican Party, which is staunchly pro-Cruz. This option was added to the ballot to give the establishment one more opportunity to stop Trump.


And with polling showing a lead for Trump, what would happen if someone just happens to check that box after the fact? This could be sinister…

Here is what the ballot looks like:


This YouTube personality interviewed a Wisconsin voter about this unusual option on the Wisconsin GOP primary ballot… Conservatives in the Badger State need to be on high alert!

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