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5 things to know in Tenn. primaries

 Five things to know about Thursday’s primary elections and other ballot issues in Tennessee: ___ 1. RACES TO WATCH The U.S. Senate primary has brought some of the sharpest duels. Tea party-backed candidate Joe Carr is seeking to upset Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander, who appears to have a clear edge but certainly cannot ignore the […] Continue reading →

Republicans — Future Versus Past

Jackie Gingrich Cushman  Georgia’s U.S. Senate race between Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue, it will all boil down to turnout — who turns out to vote. While the Republican candidates are being fair when they tie the Democratic nominee to the Obama administration, they must do more than hope that Democrats can’t persuade […] Continue reading →

Warner vs. Gillespie in Virginia Senate debate

Predicting the effect of debate performances on political races is always tricky, but there aren’t too many observers who doubt that Republican Ed Gillespie handily won the first debate against incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Warner in Virginia this weekend.   Warner is currently ahead by 10 points in the polls, which isn’t an overwhelming lead for […] Continue reading →

Ukraine votes as fear, war stalk Russia border zone

 Ukrainians were set to give a resounding endorsement to the overthrow of their last elected leader by voting on Sunday for presidential candidates promising close ties with the West in defiance of Russia’s Vladimir Putin. But the absence of over 15 percent of the electorate, in Russian-annexed Crimea and two eastern regions where fighting with […] Continue reading →

Election under threat in eastern Ukraine

 Pro-Russian insurgents have prevented at least half of the election districts in the embattled east of the country to prepare for Sunday’s presidential election, a Ukrainian official says. Volodymyr Hrinyak, chief of the public security department at the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, said Saturday that 17 out of 34 district election commissions in the Donetsk and […] Continue reading →

Tea Party faces uphill battle in latest round of U.S. Republican primaries

 Voters in six states will choose candidates on Tuesday for some of November’s top congressional election races, including another round of crucial U.S. Senate primaries between the Republican establishment and Tea Party favorites in Kentucky, Georgia and Oregon. Tea Party candidates are fighting an uphill battle in all three U.S. Senate contests, which could be […] Continue reading →

Where is the Republican 2016 Frontrunner?

 2016 Polls Show No GOP Frontrunner  In less than two years, Republicans will likely know who the Republican nominee for President is. Democrats seem fine with Hillary Clinton. Minus a surprise challenger or a decision by her to not run, the primary for them is seemingly decided. But on the Republican side it’s hard to […] Continue reading →