What Obama is planning to do by December is DELUSIONAL

Matt Palumbo,

There’s a fine line between ambitious and delusional, and on the issue of ISIS, Obama just crossed that line.

Via The Hill 

President Obama wants the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) defeated by the end of his term, Defense Secretary Ash Carter says. 

“That’s what he said he wants. That’s what he told me and [Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford]. He said, ‘Get this done as soon as possible. I’d like to not leave this to my successor,’ ” Carter said Friday an event hosted by Politico. 


In other words, he doesn’t want a President Trump to be able to take credit for destroying ISIS.

So far, U.S. operations against ISIS have cost $6.5 billion since August 2014, about $11.4 million per day for 571 days, according to a new Pentagon estimate on Friday.