Donald Trump ‘Will Be The Nominee’, Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper is used to grilling politicians about their positions on the issues of the day. But Tuesday night, the CNN reporter gave his own opinion about one issue in particular: the 2016 election.

Tapper, who anchors the weekday show “The Lead” and the Sunday morning show “State of the Union” on CNN, appeared on TBS’ “Conan” Tuesday. Host Conan O’Brien asked Tapper his thoughts on Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, and the candidate’s chances to win the nomination. 

“I do think he will be the nominee,” said Tapper. “I don’t see any way that the Republicans running against him can stop him. He has been a force. He has a dedicated and devoted group of supporters — 35 to 45 percent, depending on the state — and there is almost nothing he can do to make them walk away. He himself has said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and they would still support me. He said that!”

Conan also asked Tapper about the possibility of a brokered convention in July if Trump does not reach the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the nomination outright. During a CNN town hall in Milwaukee Tuesday night, Trump walked back a previous pledge to support the GOP nominee if it was not him.

“[A brokered convention] would be exciting to cover,” said Tapper. “If you remember in 2004, the conventions were so boring that Ted Koppel and ‘Nightline’ just left. They said, ‘This is bogus. This is just infomercials.’ [2016] would be a real convention, and you noted the petition on with thousands of people saying that Republicans should be able to take guns. Thankfully, the U.S. Secret Service has said no, because otherwise I was planning on covering the Cleveland convention from Cincinnati.”

Watch Jake Tapper on “Conan” in the clip below:

Before taping his “Conan” segment, Tapper had a heated exchange on CNN with one of Trump’s senior advisers, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Tapper asked Sanders about the charges that the Trump campaign is maliciously spreading rumors that Trump’s top GOP rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, has had extramarital affairs.

“There is not actual evidence that it happened. At some point aren’t you just ashamed?” Tapper asked. “This is the Trump campaign sending it out.”

Trump, meanwhile, continues to inch closer to securing the Republican nomination. He leads in the delegate count with 739. Cruz is a distant second with 465 delegates, followed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich with 143. On Tuesday, 42 delegates will be at stake in the Wisconsin Republican primary.

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