Major Newspaper Runs Known Liar’s Hit Piece on Tea Party

M. Catharine Evans,

The Los Angeles Times published a hit piece on the Tea Party written by history professor and known serial liar Joseph Ellis.  Mainstream media has hit a new low.

Ellis’s disgracefully arrogant op-ed about the Tea Party appeared on the same day as the Million Vet March in D.C.  Alongside the article, the LA Times planted a photo of some protesters at the World War II Memorial demonstration.

GadsdenFlag_small2 Major Newspaper Runs Known Liar's Hit Piece on Tea Party

Ironically, Ellis’s assertion that the Tea Party is made up of “radicals” who want to return us to the 18th century might be the most truthful statement he’s ever made.  As one commenter pointed out “in the 18th century, we were able to dig our way out of debt incurred by the War for Independence. We had awesome national leaders and brilliant thinkers. The average American was a rugged, independent citizen who didn’t think of relying on the government for his livelihood, instead of the snivelling, helpless, welfare-dependent urban dwellers we call Americans today. How is going back to the 18th century a bad thing? Sounds good to me! Where do we sign up?”

Joseph Ellis has been conning people for a long time.  It’s been over ten years since the Boston Globe investigated Ellis’ fake wartime record as a platoon commander from the legendary 101st Airborne.  The Globe discovered that Ellis had not only lied about serving in Vietnam from 1966-1967, but lied about being a freedom-fighter for the civil rights movement in the South. 

Throughout his tenure at the prestigious Mt. Holyoke College in Massachusetts, the popular history professor and Pulitzer Prize-winning author interspersed his classroom lectures with personal reminiscences about his time in Vietnam.  It got pretty detailed, as one Amherst student recalled a class.

[Carey] described a moving moment during one class, when, he said, Ellis “told us about a fellow, a strong jock, a college football player, who was drafted and came to Vietnam. They were out in the field, and this guy was reading Emily Dickinson poems that brought him to tears. That was the kind of stress these men were placed under.”

Pretty soon in the 1990s, riding high on awards and fame, Ellis repeated his claims in television interviews and to journalists.  The lies extended back to his time as a faux star running back at Gonzaga College High School in Washington, D.C.  Ellis told a Globe reporter in an earlier interview he scored the winning touchdown in the final game of his senior year.  The Globe discovered that the team lost its last two games, and Ellis was not even mentioned or pictured as part of the team in the yearbook.

Ellis, also a Ford Foundation professor, later regretted that he “let stand the assumption” that he served in Vietnam when he was actually in graduate school at Yale.  In 2005, Mt. Holyoke restored his position as chair of the history department.

Ellis never apologized to the real Vietnam veterans or their families.

In his attack on the Tea Party, Ellis, a man no better than a “slob in a bar” spinning yarns to impress other drunks, writes about the “dysfunctional, delusional agenda” of regular tax-paying Americans as the “new low in American history.”  This from a compulsive liar who believes that responsible citizens willing to stand against government-run health care and endless spending are the problem.  

The same media that hires liars has itself lied to the American people for the past five years, and now no amount of spin or name-calling can prevent the people from experiencing firsthand the inane policies of Obama and company.

Ellis’s rant against the Tea Party proves the Obama administration is running scared. As more and more people suffer the consequences of Obamacare and other destructive policies, they will join the Tea Party; the progressives can’t have that. The chickens are coming home to roost.