Marriage Policies in America Similar to Communist China

Bethany Blankley, It’s astounding to review the requirements to be legally married in America. Even more astounding is the reality that Americans, and especially Christians, comply with them. Worse still— Christians continue to demand that the government regulate a predominantly Christian practice.  (Monogamous heterosexual marriage is a unique New Testament Christian concept. Nearly all non-Christian… [Read More]

U.S. intelligence chief: China top suspect in government agency hacks

U.S. intelligence chief James Clapper said on Thursday that China was the top suspect in the massive hacking of a U.S. government agency that compromised the personnel records of millions of Americans. The comments from Clapper, the director of National Intelligence (DNI), were first reported in The Wall Street Journal and marked the first time… [Read More]

Amid Cyber ‘Pearl Harbor,’ Congress Considers Making It Easier For China To Steal IP

Ed Martin, Just last week, Chinese hackers perpetrated what many are calling a cyber-“Pearl Harbor” of breathtaking scope, covertly downloading the U.S. government’s highly private personnel files on millions of its employees. The event, which will make it far easier for Chinese counterintelligence agents to target federal employees for blackmail, is but one of many… [Read More]

Hunt for Deep Panda intensifies in trenches of U.S.-China cyberwar

Security researchers have many names for the hacking group that is one of the suspects for the cyberattack on the U.S. government’s Office of Personnel Management: PinkPanther, KungFu Kittens, Group 72 and, most famously, Deep Panda. But to Jared Myers and colleagues at cybersecurity company RSA, it is called Shell Crew, and Myers’ team is one of the… [Read More]

Elite Financier George Soros Warns Of World War III: “Not An Exaggeration”

To say Soros is influential within the realms of business and politics would be an understatement. Mac Slavo |  As the world economy imploded in 2008 global financier George Soros worked feverishly on a book about the crash in which he detailed the specific actions that needed to be taken by governments and banking institutions… [Read More]

Wow: After Doubts, Economists Find China Kills U.S. Factory Jobs

A generation of economists trained to believe that trade had little to do with the long decline in high-paying U.S. factory jobs is changing its mind. Their findings are likely to fuel the opposition within President Barack Obama’s own Democratic Party to his proposed 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership and similar pacts lowering barriers to international commerce…. [Read More]

Russia and China Just Put Another Nail in the Coffin of the Bretton Woods Petrodollar System

Dollar collapse will result in war and police state fascism at home. Sanctions imposed on Russia have little to do with Ukraine or the supposed aggressive behavior of Vladimir Putin. They are a direct response to a Russian move out of the petrodollar system that has ruled since the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference that established… [Read More]