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Chinese diplomat tells West to consider Russia’s security concerns over Ukraine

 Western powers should take into consideration Russia’s legitimate security concerns over Ukraine, a top Chinese diplomat has said in an unusually frank and open display of support for Moscow’s position in the crisis. Qu Xing, China’s ambassador to Belgium, was quoted by state news agency Xinhua late on Thursday as blaming competition between Russia and […] Continue reading →

The Cost of NSA Spying On the U.S. Economy Is “Incalculable”

Washington’s Blog,  Spying Is Destroying the U.S. Economy. We’ve thoroughly documented that unnecessary spying by the U.S. government is costing the American tech sector many billions of dollars … and the U.S. economy as a whole hundreds of billions of dollars. Things just got a lot worse … ZDNet notes today: China is no longer using high-profile US technology brands for […] Continue reading →

Lenovo’s Laptops to stop pre-installing Malicious Hacking Software Superfish

 China’s Lenovo Group Ltd, the world’s largest PC maker, said on Thursday it will no longer pre-install software that cybersecurity experts said was malicious and made devices vulnerable to hacking. Lenovo had come under fire from security researchers who said earlier on Thursday the company pre-installed a virus-like software from a company called Superfish on […] Continue reading →

Why Putin Fears China

 Boxed in by the U.S. and its allies, faced with an uneasy relationship with China and needing new friends and income, Russia is popping up everywhere in Asia. A new strategic agreement with Pakistan. A visit by Vladimir Putin to India. Helping search for a plane that crashed off Indonesia. Coaxing Kim Jong Un to […] Continue reading →

Chinese State-Sponsored Hackers Suspected in Anthem Attack

 Investigators of Anthem Inc.’s data breach are pursuing evidence that points to Chinese state-sponsored hackers who are stealing personal information from health-care companies for purposes other than pure profit, according to three people familiar with the probe. The breach, which exposed Social Security numbers and other sensitive details of 80 million customers, is one of […] Continue reading →