Bye-Bye Second Amendment

D.W. Wilber,  Now that the Obama Administration has two wins under their belt with the recent Supreme Court decisions on ObamaCare and Gay Marriage, look for the president and his allies in the Democrat Party and the anti-gun activists to be emboldened, and attempt to capitalize on the Court’s willingness to legislate from the bench…. [Read More]

Texas governor signs bills expanding carrying of handguns

‘No one helped her': NJ woman murdered by ex while awaiting gun permit

Carol Bowne knew her best shot at defending herself from a violent ex was a gun, and not a piece of paper. And it was paperwork that left her unprotected when Michael Eitel showed up at her New Jersey home last week and stabbed her to death, say Second Amendment advocates, who charge local police… [Read More]

The Supreme Court Misses an Opportunity to Defend the 2nd Amendment

Jacob Sullum, This week, the Supreme Court passed up an opportunity to get the government out of the bedroom. Counterintuitively, the case involved an ordinance adopted by the famously tolerant and progressive city of San Francisco eight years ago. The puzzle is solved when you learn that the ordinance deals with guns, tools for exercising… [Read More]

Texas gov poised to roll back 140-year-old open carry gun ban

The near-certain signing into law of an open-carry gun measure will send Texas back to the days of the Wild West – at least legislatively. The bill, passed by the state Legislature and expected to earn Gov. Greg Abbott’s signature within the next week, would reverse a 140-year-old ban on carrying handguns in plain sight…. [Read More]

Obama Is Bypassing Congress To Deliver A Major Blow To The Constitution

The Obama administration is once again planning to do by executive action what it could not accomplish legislatively through Congress. The Hill reports that the Justice Department will move forward with more than a dozen gun-related regulations. The first round is expected to be finalized by November, with the rest implemented by the end of… [Read More]

Time for Congress to Stop D.C.’s Anti-Gun Shenanigans

Bob Barr,   Since the landmark 2008 Heller v. District of Columbia case, which Second-Amendment lawyer Alan Gura argued before the Supreme Court, anti-gun officials in the nation’s capital have spent every waking hour trying to avoid doing what the high Court ordered be done: allow District residents to exercise their right to keep and bear… [Read More]

Federal Judge Says DC Gun Carry Law is Unconstitutional

Free Beacon : Stephen Gutowski , Injunction issued against ‘good reason’ requirement for concealed carry permit A federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction saying the District of Columbia’s new concealed carry law is unconstitutional. The order, issued Monday by Judge Frederick J. Scullin, was the second decision in less than a year declaring the… [Read More]

Knife laws new 2nd Amendment battle

 Once overshadowed by the hot-button gun rights debate, laws restricting knife sales and possession are the new “second front” in the battle to preserve Second Amendment rights.  The issue has gained more attention in recent years — most recently in Baltimore, where obscure knife laws have surfaced at the center of the Freddie Gray death… [Read More]

NRA Announces “Important Victory” Against Barack H. Obama

 There is no doubt that President Barack Obama has an anti-gun viewpoint and has tried to use his power to further his gun control agenda. Since finding minimal support for his proposed infringements of the Second Amendment in Congress, Obama has set about using the nightmare of bureaucratic regulation to chip away at the inherent right… [Read More]

Senate Republicans: Don’t Destroy Your Base Because Obama Tells You To

Michael Hammond,  In 2012, Barack Obama taught us how to win elections. He packed the NLRB, passed ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank, pushed same-sex marriage, promised executive amnesty, avoided tort reform on ObamaCare, and did everything necessary to turn every element of the Democrat base into a “ground game.” Republicans, on the other hand, have now spent… [Read More]

Priest Pens Passionate Pro-Gun Plea, Presents Proposal To Parishioners

 A Catholic priest serving a parish in Ann Arbor, Mich., recently made headlines for distributing a letter to churchgoers defending his belief that citizens should obtain firearms to combat area crime. When he first broached the issue, a conversation that included the news that Christ the King parish would begin hosting concealed pistol license classes,… [Read More]