The Establishment Media and the JFK Assassination

Roger Stone

 My recent book, The Man Who Killed Kennedy – the Case Against LBJ, makes a compelling case that Lyndon Baines Johnson was the lynchpin of a plot to murder President John F. Kennedy. The book made the New York Times bestseller list and was the #1 Book on The media establishment has not re-acted well to this important book. Among those who have attempted to discredit this controversial book is veteran “journalist” Hugh Aynesworth.

First a bit about Mr. Aynesworth then a stout defense of the case that Lyndon Baines Johnson had unique motive, means and opportunity to murder President John F. Kennedy and credible fingerprint evidence, and multiple eye-witness testimony tie a long time, proven LBJ hitman to the shooting from the Texas School Book Depository.


Hugh Aynesworth has been revealed by released government documents, to be a CIA media asset who in the 1960’s coordinated with the Johnson White House and the FBI and the CIA in covering up the JFK assassination. Aynesworth was also working hand in glove with Clay Shaw’s defense team in New Orleans to undermine New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison.

A document declassified by the United States in 1966 is a CIA report written on October 10, 2021 when J. Walton Moore, the head of the Dallas CIA Domestic Contacts Division, reported to the chief of the Contact Division on “the possibility of Hugh Grant Aynesworth making a trip to Cuba.” [4] In other words, one month before the assignation J. Walton Moore – the same CIA agent who had been meeting regularly with the accused assassin’s (Oswald’s) best friend/CIA handler George DeMohrenschildt, was also meeting with Hugh Aynesworth about going to Cuba.

Shirley Martin, a journalist and researcher, wrote a 1967 letter to Garrison about Hugh Aynesworth as Garrison was coming under savage CIA coordinated media attacks at that time. The CIA and the FBI had also both infiltrated Garrison’s office by this time

Her letter to Garrison is illuminating.

Dear Mr. Garrison:

I am so sorry that Newsweek chose Hugh Aynesworth to use in its rebuttal of you.

In the summer of ‘64 I had a long talk with Mr. Aynesworth, introducing myself to him as a friend of a relative to General Clyde Watts, ex-Major General Edwin A. Walker’s close friend and attorney (Oxford). Mr. Aynesworth mistakenly assumed that I was a political conservative and immediately deluged me with disgusting anti-Kennedy stories. (“Kennedy needed a trip to Dallas like a hole in the head,” etc.) At the same time Mr. Aynesworth heaped what seemed to me to be inordinate praise on the city of Dallas, the Dallas police (Lt. George Butler, Captain Fritz, Chief Curry, etc.) and the Dallas Morning News (for which newspaper Aynesworth was working at the time.) He confided, too, that Tom Buchanan (Paris) was a “fairy” and detailed for me a number of extremely slanderous alleged incidents in the life of Mark Lane. In addition, Mr. Aynesworth definitely labeled Mr. Lane a “communist.”

Aynesworth was extremely bitter that Merriman Smith had won the Pulitzer for his coverage of the assassination. Aynesworth sarcastically remarked that Smith “did nothing and saw less” on the day in question, whereas he, Aynesworth was “…the only reporter in America to make all four big scenes.” (1)

In addition, Aynesworth boasted that a Commission attorney had already confided to him (in July) what the Commission verdict was to be (in September). Oswald would be named, but according to Aynesworth it was in reality “…a communist plot. Warren will do a cover-up for Moscow.”

Aynesworth insisted that Marina had had an affair with him after the assassination, and that during this period she had revealed to him that she and Ruth Paine had shared a Lesbian relationship prior to November 22, 1963. Aynesworth also declared that he had been on 10th Street “looking down on the Tippit murder scene at 1:05pm, not later than 1:10…” on November 22nd. (2) Needless to say, the “only reporter in America” to be in on all four “big scenes” was NOT called to testify before the Warren Commission, which did, however, call Thayer Waldo, Fort Worth reporter, because he had been in the police basement when Ruby shot Oswald. (3)

Finally, I have the statement by an employee of the Dallas Morning News that Aynesworth was deliberately and illegally given the allegedly stolen Oswald diary story by a Commission attorney who was in Dallas on business at that time. Earl Warren later put the FBI on the trail of this illegal “leak”, but as was to be expected no discoveries were made.

“This, then, is the man chosen by Newsweek to rebut you. What a pity Newsweek’s taste is so concentrated in its tail”, she concluded.

Mr. Aynesworth has continued to push the idea that there is one iota of evidence the Russians or Cubans assassinated JFK. There isn’t. It is, however, a lie LBJ personally promulgated to manipulate the men of the Warren Commission to his desired “conclusions.”

Neither Castro nor Khrushchev was elated by the hit on JFK. Khrushchev had just gotten the callow Kennedy to remove US Missiles from Italy and Turkey in a secret deal to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis. Castro had been approached for a back channel communication with JFK through Ambassador William Atwood, a Princeton classmate of JFK. A French journalist had also passed a message from JFK though his wife Jackie to Castro that JFK “wanted to talk.” Neither had motive at the time JFK was killed. LBJ does.

Lyndon Johnson had unique and urgent motive in the murder of JFK. LBJ knew he faced political ruin and annihilation at the hands of Attorney General Robert Kennedy who had leaked evidence of bribery and corruption to LIFE magazine which planned it’s expose as a cover story in their Dec 1, 2021 issue. LBJ also knew powerful Syndicated Columnist Drew Pearson had written a column that will appear in 700 newspapers on Nov 24, 2021 exposing LBJ’s taking of a $10,000 bribe to fix a Defense contract for a Texas Company- General Dynamics. JFK had already told his personal secretary Evelyn Lincoln LBJ will be dumped from the 1964 ticket. Johnson faced political humiliation, Federal prosecution and prison.

The Man Who Killed Kennedy - the Case Against LBJ ties Mac Wallace irrevocably to Johnson. Aynesworth attempts to debunk the 34 point match fingerprint Wallace left on a cardboard box or the six eye-witnesses who see a man matching Wallace’s description (right down to his eye-glasses) in the window of the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building.

LBJ’s control of the Dallas Police Department, the Dallas District Attorney and the Dallas Country Sheriff’s Office is total. Perhaps this is why Robert Kennedy shed a message to the Russians saying that “Dallas was the perfect place for the crime”.

LBJ was the chief appropriator for the CIA, delivering them millions in secret “black box’ budgets tucked into Defense Appropriations and took bribes from the Mob; he is close to both. J. Edgar Hoover, knowing the Kennedys won’t waive his coming mandatory retirement based on his age, helps LBJ button up the investigation initially controlled in Dallas but turned over to the FBI to finish. Publically available tapes of LBJ talking to Hoover reveal they know Oswald did not kill Kennedy and did not act alone. LBJ also says this to Senator Richard Russell on tape.

Aynesworth would have you believe my case against LBJ relied solely on the statements of Madeline Duncan Brown, who had a sexual relationship with LBJ over a 20 year period. Brown confuses an early evening cocktail party and a meeting much later, after 1:00 am at the home of right wing oilman Clint Murchison. Many Dallas figures including Congressman Bruce Alger confirm attending the early party. Nixon Aide Charles McWhorter told me Nixon went to Murchison’s in gratitude for Murchison kicking in to Nixon’s 1962 campaign for Governor with $100,000. LBJ was not at the cocktail party; Nixon was. He was indeed seen at his hotel at 10 pm. LBJ arrives after midnight, when the party has died down. Nixon was not at the late night meeting. LBJ was. A housekeeper and a chauffeur both said on videotape when interviewed for the British TV show, The Men Who Killed Kennedy, that the late night confab was held behind closed doors and that LBJ, Hoover, Murchison, HD Byrd, and John Currington, a lawyer for HL Hunt, were in the meeting – the same names Brown sited.

Aynesworth also seeks to discredit LBJ crony Billie Sol Estes who testified under oath and under threat of perjury that he LBJ and LBJ Aide Cliff Carter planned the murder of US Agriculture Henry Marshall. Estes also testified that Carter knew of least 17 murders LBJ had ordered to cover up voter fraud or corruption. Estes lawyer Douglas caddy would write the Justice Department for Estes to testify of as to LBJ’s direct involvement with eight specific murdered including that of John F, Kennedy. Estes did this after serving of his time in prison and after LBJ’s death, when there was no conceivable benefit to him. Aynesworth invents a conversation with Billie Sol in which he says otherwise that never actually took place according to Bille Sol’s daughter.

LBJ was the lynchpin of a plot that included the CIA and their associates in Organized Crime with whom they plotted the assassination of Castro. Military Intelligence, Big Texas Oil, furious about JFK’s efforts to repeal their sweetheart tax break- the Oil Depletion Allowance – financed the coup d’etat.

“Cui prodest secleces est fict” say the Latins. “He who derives the greatest benefit from the crime is the one who committed it.” Don’t take the word of CIA disinformantist Hugh Ayneswoth. Read the compelling case I make against amoral psychopath Lyndon Baines Johnson in The Man Who Killed Kennedy- the Case Against LBJ.