Excessive Force

“You Answer to Me!” Cop Breaks Into Home, Arrests Man - See Video

“Do not shoot me, please don’t shoot me!” Video footage appears to show a police officer breaking into a home in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana before arresting a man for no reason as he exclaims, “you answer to me!” The clip begins with the officer forcibly entering the house, apparently without a warrant, before telling 26-year-old […] Continue reading →

Texas man testing open-carry law told he’s ‘free to go’ – then tasered and arrested

Joe SaundersBizPac Review Texas gun rights activists are planning a rally on Sunday to protest the stun-gun arrest of a teenager arrested by San Antonio police for doing nothing more than exercising his constitutional rights. According to San Antonio radio station WOA, the arrest occurred Sunday night, when police stopped 19-year-old Henry Gerald Vichique, who […] Continue reading →

New militarized police training introduces “shoot first” policy for New Mexico cops

ProgressNow NM  With two major law enforcement agencies under criticism for their uses of force – including the Albuquerque Police Department under DOJ investigation – the state board responsible for police training has hired a new “paramilitary” director who dumped responsible use of force training in favor of more “shoot first” scenarios. A New Mexico […] Continue reading →

Video: Riot Cop Brutally Attacks Female Student For No Reason

Witnesses claim Tucson cops started violence; Police “were all dressed up for a riot and had no riot to go to”  Videos uploaded to YouTube over the weekend show cops in Arizona intentionally inciting violence following a basketball game Saturday night by firing pepper rounds into crowds of students and attacking innocent bystanders After the […] Continue reading →

‘Sovereign citizen’ killed by Ohio deputies

 An attempt to service an arrest warrant turned deadly in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, when a self-described “sovereign citizen” was killed in a shootout with local deputies. The incident involved 65-year-old Israel Rondon, who had been convicted of carrying concealed weapons without a permit and of assaulting a police officer. As a proclaimed sovereign citizen, however, […] Continue reading →

See Uncensored Video: Police Execute Homeless Man, James Boyd for Camping

Media edits out shocking footage before shooting.  The full uncensored footage of police killing 38-year-old homeless man James Boyd for camping is even more shocking than the edited version being shown by the media. Homeless man shot to death by police while “camping” in the foothills of NM Outrage has ignited over a helmet-cam video […] Continue reading →

Cop Shoots 70-yr-old Vietnam Veteran in the Stomach for Reaching for Cane

 SOUTH CAROLINA — A disturbing dashcam video has surfaced showing a cop open fire on a disabled veteran at a traffic stop. Bobby Canipe, 70, was pulled over because his registration tags were expired. He peacefully began an attempt to greet the officer. Because he cannot walk without assistance, he reached for his cane as […] Continue reading →

Teen shot by Miami Beach police Taser died of accidental cardiac arrest

Miami Herald – by DAVID OVALLE AND CHARLES RABIN  A young graffiti artist shot by a Miami Beach police Taser stun gun died of heart failure from the “energy device discharge,” authorities said Thursday. But the six-month-long medical examination concluded that the “sudden cardiac death” of israel “Reefa” Hernandez-Llach, 18, was accidental. The Miami-Dade medical examiner’s […] Continue reading →

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT This is what happened to Kelly Thomas.

The Murder of Kelly Thomas Filmingcops.com Officers Found “Not Guilty” Despite Footage of Them Beating Kelly Thomas to Death Unbelievably — but not surprisingly — the officers have been found “not guilty,” according to reports. A jury has found them not guilty on all charges, despite the overwhelming video evidence.   These are the officers […] Continue reading →

RAW: Family Released Video of Police “Restraining” Luis Rodriuez outside Okla. movie theater

 The family of a man who died after an altercation with police outside of an Oklahoma movie theater has released a cellphone video of the incident. The video shows 44-year-old Luis Rodriguez face down on the ground outside a Moore theater with five police officers restraining him. One officer is seen holding Rodriguez’s head down. […] Continue reading →