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Postal Service looks to end at-your-door mail

CNN – by Jennifer Liberto The U.S. Postal Service is marching towards a more “centralized delivery,” where residents pick up their own mail from clusters of mail boxes located in their neighborhood. Local postmasters are sending hundreds of letters to fast-growing communities, warning that cluster boxes will be the way mail will be delivered to new […]

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Obama Administration Requires Magician To Submit A 32 Page “Disaster Plan” For His Rabbit

Michael SnyderAmerican Dream Central planning in this country is getting completely and totally out of control.  These days, you can hardly do anything without running into a suffocating web of red tape.  For example, a small-time magician from Missouri that does magic shows for kids was absolutely horrified when he learned that the Obama administration […]

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Will the IRS scandal finally lead to the White House?

House Oversight Committee hearings on IRS targeting of Barack Obama’s political enemies resume on Thursday.   Fox News reporter Carl Cameron strongly hinted on Wednesday evening that Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) has uncovered testimony that will bring the scandal right up to the White House door.  (Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.) The Daily Caller has a […]

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13 Americans Dead… The Suspect? President Obama

by Floyd G. Brown Washington, D.C. is a town run largely by lawyers. Naturally, this leads to a ton of convoluted and unnecessary legislation. And this overabundance of legality often leads to twisted logic in our nation’s capital – and confusion for us. Take the two hotly debated (and often misused) words: “coup” and “terrorism.” […]

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Politics is Easy; Governing is Hard

This has to have been the longest yet least relaxing Independence Day ever. As you know, the 4th was on a Thursday so here, in Our Nation’s Capital, almost everyone I know pretended they had been sequestered out of having to work on Friday and made it a four day weekend. While I was wondering […]

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Administration delays key requirement in Obamacare

Looks like someone finally read the bill. The Obama administration is postponing the ‘employer mandate’  – which would levy financial penalties on businesses with more than 50 employees that fail to provide health insurance that meet the minimum standards and “affordability” — until 2015. The move delays implementation of at least one component of the […]

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