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When Israelis Mourn a Palestinian Victim

 A long, long time ago, after three Jewish teens were kidnapped and murdered, after an Arab teen was then murdered, but before the rockets and the ground war and the funerals and the 12 cease-fires and the anguish and the destruction — this was a country overcome by collective guilt and horror, reeling from the […] Read More →

Sarah Palin on 10 Major Issues

 The myth about Sarah Palin is that she’s a 44-year-old mystery woman. The truth is, the information about where she stands on major issues is out there — you just have to look for it.    Recent revelations about Palin’s mentally-challenged son and her daughter’s pregnancy has sent the media into a frenzy regarding her […] Read More →

Israel Military Shoots Down Unmanned Aircraft Over Golan Heights

 The Israeli military said it shot down an unmanned aircraft above the Israeli-held section of the Golan Heights, a plateau that’s become more volatile with Syrian rebels’ gains and confrontations with United Nations peacekeepers. Hours before a Patriot missile brought down the aircraft, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that his country was ready to […] Read More →

Hamas Gets One Step Closer to Eliminating Israel

 The cease-fire is holding. The sirens have stopped, the bomb shelters are being closed, most of the reservists have returned home. This weekend, for the first time in months, Israelis (like Gazans) will finally be able to exhale. But the press, quite rightly, is reminding Israelis that peace is almost certainly not at hand. “Gaza […] Read More →

ISIS, the Neocons, and Obama’s Choices

 Scott McConnell  Confronting the new Islamic State requires reevaluating old alliances and enemies.  Though Congress and the president were out of town, the final weeks of August have seen the arrival of an unexpectedly critical moment. The brutal beheading of James Foley by ISIS (the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq) confirmed that there remains a […] Read More →

Gaza’s Best Hope Lies in New York

 For their own reasons, Israelis and Palestinians have traditionally been leery of involving the United Nations Security Council in mediating their long-running conflict. Now, though, after seven weeks of fighting in Gaza that has produced little other than death, misery, and destruction, that body represents the best hope for the two sides to achieve both […] Read More →

Israel Digs In for the Forever War

 Some years ago, soon after Israel’s disengagement from Gaza in 2005 and shortly after the renewal of the Gaza “troubles” (to borrow phrase from the Irish), my wife and I visited friends in the small, Gaza-adjacent town of Shaar Hanegev. We were sitting in the dining room, eating dinner, when the table shook, ever so […] Read More →