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Is the conservative press legitimate?

Jon Cassidy,  This article originally appeared on Texas House Speaker Joe Straus wants a committee of journalists to decide which reporters are “legitimate” so the Legislature can limit Capitol access to sufficiently apolitical reporters. Straus made his suggestion to Ross Ramsey, executive editor of the Texas Tribune, during a public interview at TribFest, the […] Read More →

Who Killed the American Family?

Phyllis Schlafly,  The British press just reported the result of a new study by academics from Oxford and the University of London that children raised in stable marital homes are better behaved than classmates brought up by unmarried parents. Children raised by married parents show lower levels of anti-social attitudes and hyperactivity. Recent U.S. surveys […] Read More →

Pat Buchanan: Is Burger King an Economic Patriot?

 “Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.” Jefferson’s brutal verdict comes to mind in the fierce debate over inversions, those decisions by U.S. companies to buy foreign firms to move their headquarters abroad and renounce their U.S. […] Read More →

Mainstream Media Experiments With “Virtual Reality” Journalism

 Technology would make it easier for mainstream media to distort the news. The largest U.S. newspaper publisher is experimenting with Facebook’s virtual reality headset to allow readers to experience a news story in a 3D immersive environment, but one expert warns the technology could lead to “virtual propaganda” which misleads viewers. Gannett Company, which owns […] Read More →

The 10 Most Important Things In The World Right Now

 Hello! Here’s what people will be chatting about on Monday.   1. A yet-to-be-released report from the Centers for Disease Control estimates that Ebola could infect up to 500,000 people by the end of January without additional aid from governments, Bloomberg News reports.  2. An estimated 311,000 demonstrators flooded the streets of New York City on Sunday […] Read More →

Feds censure local police, yet give lethal weapons

 A Pentagon program that distributes military surplus gear to local law enforcement allows even departments that the Justice Department has censured for civil rights violations to apply for and get lethal weaponry. That lack of communication between two Cabinet agencies adds to questions about a program under review in the aftermath of the militarized police […] Read More →

Ukraine Still Rattled by Fighting After No-Fire Zone Set

 Ukraine’s truce was shaken further by battles after the government and pro-Russian separatists agreed to create a buffer zone to strengthen the pact. The two sides accused each other of violating the truce. Rebels shelled government troops and the situation in the country’s easternmost regions was “tense,” the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said on Facebook today. […] Read More →