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Feds Sent a Ton of Military Hardware to Local Cops After Ferguson Protests: Reason

Ed Krayewski,  Years-long process would be impossible without a level of support not just from politicians but voters too. The police response to protests in Ferguso over the fatal police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown brought the issue of militarized police into the forefront of national dialogue.  The fight against police militarization became a sort […] Read More →

Key developments in police-communities tension

The killings of two unarmed black men by white police officers in Missouri and New York this summer touched off protests and a national debate over police conduct that intensified after grand juries refused to indict the officers. Tensions escalated further after two New York City police officers were killed a week ago by a […] Read More →

Cost So Far For Ferguson Response Nearly $12 Million

 FERGUSON, Mo.– The cost for the Missouri Highway Patrol and Missouri National Guard to respond to unrest in the St. Louis region is estimated at more than $11-million dollars. The Guard and Patrol have been utilized to provide security in the region and assist local law enforcement in the nearly four months since the fatal shooting […] Read More →

It Takes A Village To Raise A Looter

Mike Adams,  Earlier this semester, the UNC-Wilmington African American Center hosted a panel discussion on the Ferguson race riots. A student of mine noticed that none of the panel participants actually visited Ferguson. Given that I interviewed protestors on site in Ferguson in August, the student wanted to know why I was excluded from the […] Read More →

Thomas Sowell: Opinions Versus Facts

 Everyone seems to have an opinion about the tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri. But, as Daniel Patrick Moynihan used to say, “You’re entitled to your own opinion but you’re not entitled to your own facts.” Soon after the shooting death of Michael Brown, this 285-pound young man was depicted as a “gentle giant.” But, after […] Read More →

Forget a Michael Brown Law. How about a Jim Parker Law?

Jazz Shaw,  This weekend we are seeing the media engaged in endless navel gazing as to what comes next for those who remain angry over the grand jury’s decision regarding Officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown. There are additional marches and demonstrations being planned for those who still wish to “seek justice” somehow, while rejecting […] Read More →