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Doug Giles: 3 Mistakes Hannah Graham Made

 Hannah Graham is straight-A, a second year University of Virginia student who has been missing since September 13th,2014.  Typically, at this stage of the game it isn’t looking good for Hannah. Her parents, as you can imagine, are beyond crushed. As of yesterday, the police have issued a search warrant for Jesse Matthew, who cops […] Read More →

Who Killed the American Family?

Phyllis Schlafly,  The British press just reported the result of a new study by academics from Oxford and the University of London that children raised in stable marital homes are better behaved than classmates brought up by unmarried parents. Children raised by married parents show lower levels of anti-social attitudes and hyperactivity. Recent U.S. surveys […] Read More →

Mind Control: Orwell, Huxley, and Today’s Reality

Humans are Free – by Richard K. Moore  In 1984, George Orwell paints a picture of a dark, gray world. People are afraid to say anything contrary to the official party line, and surveillance is universal. Even thinking contrary to the party is a crime, and thoughtcrimes may be treated by radical psychological intervention. Information […] Read More →

Thomas Sowell: Late Talking Children

 Anyone who knows what anxiety, and sometimes anguish, parents go through when they have a child who is still not talking at age two, three or even four, can appreciate what a blessing it can be to have someone who can tell them what to do — and what not to do. That someone is […] Read More →

More Than Half Of Parents In Favor Of School Choice

Kevin Glass,  School choice programs are a flashpoint in a few elections this year; Dan discussed a poll about Wisconsin’s school choice program playing a major role in Scott Walker’s re-election push. Another recent poll finds that most parents are in favor of some kind of school voucher program. Paul E. Peterson writes: Many parents […] Read More →

Home Schooling and Conservatism

Home School Movement Rightly Becoming a More Popular Option Homeschooling families are on the rise. And they should be. I love school choice and giving parents the power to choose between public schools, charter schools, private schools, and home schooling. As a 1990s-era public school graduate/survivor I can readily admit that the thought of home […] Read More →

Reflections of President Reagan at the CPAC 1981

American Conservative Union Dan Schneider, ACU’s executive director, writes: While cleaning out our Conservative Political Action Conference file room, our CPAC Director discovered a fantastic photo of President Reagan shaking hands with a little girl. The photo was taken at CPAC just after Reagan had been sworn in as President in 1981.  Realizing that the photo was the original, I knew the pictured girl never got her incredible keepsake!   Staff at […] Read More →

How Common Core can destroy charter schools

Justin Haskins  As the epic struggle against Common Core rages on in school districts, towns, and states across the nation, a deeper, more insidious threat rests beneath the surface of national education standards that threatens to reverse decades of progress made by thousands of American charter schools. Countless articles, testimonies, and videos now exist detailing […] Read More →

No body, no end to grieving for Flight 17 family

 Seven weeks after Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was blown out of the sky above Ukraine, Bryce Fredriksz and Daisy Oehlers’ bedroom is still a mess. The room, with its mural of palm trees, unmade bed and a table cluttered with clothes and books, is a constant reminder to Bryce’s parents Silene and Rob Fredriksz of […] Read More →

Unschooling: the Future of Education?

Gracy Olmstead,  Ben Hewitt doesn’t send his boys to school—he doesn’t even own a curriculum. He’s an “unschooling” parent. Though the method has grown in popularity since educator John Holt introduced it in his books and theory, many Americans are still largely unaware of the term’s meaning or methodology. Hewitt explains and introduces the concept at Outside […] Read More →

The origin of specious thinking: public schools

S. T. Karnick  Writing in Canon and Culture, Prof. Colin Garbarino of Houston Baptist University poses an interesting and accurate critique of the common notion that the nation’s colleges and universities indoctrinate a generally conservative or at least politically and culturally neutral incoming student population into advanced progressive leftism and political correctness. They do impose such an agenda, he notes, but the […] Read More →