Professor Jonathan Zimmerman: Repeal of the 22nd Amendment Give Obama Third Term

B. Christopher Agee,

 As poll after poll shows the protracted decline of Barack Obama’s approval rating, even some of his once-ardent supporters have begun to recognize their error in judgment. As he sheds support from these average Americans, however, his core constituency digs in further in an effort to protect his leftist policies. 

For example, New York University professor Jonathan Zimmerman recently penned a Washington Post opinion article in which he advocates for a repeal of the 22nd Amendment. By removing presidential term limits, he marvels at the idea of four more years under Obama’s reign.

Zimmerman began by conceding that the disastrous ObamaCare implementation caused many of Obama’s former allies to retreat, resulting in his “lowest ever” approval ratings. Instead of blaming his unpopularity among Democrats on inept and dishonest leadership, however, Zimmerman blames the 22nd Amendment. In the article, he wonders if Obama would experience such retaliation from his own party if he were able to seek reelection.

“Democrat lawmakers,” he concluded, “would worry about provoking the wrath of a president who could be reelected.”

As it stands, however, these legislators have “got little to fear.”

According to this purported scholar, America’s chief executive exists to coerce others into doing his bidding by means of intimidation rather than persuasion. As a lame duck, Zimmerman noted that Obama in turn has nothing to fear from the voting public.

“And if the people wanted him to serve another term,” he asked, “why shouldn’t they be allowed to award him one?”

While his argument might make sense on the surface, the 22nd Amendment was ratified after overwhelming public sentiment dictated that Franklin D. Roosevelt’s four consecutive inaugurations was a trend that should not continue. Instead, America decided to cement the precedent set by George Washington when he stepped down after eight years in office.

Many have speculated throughout Obama’s presidency that he might seek an inroad to circumvent the 22nd Amendment. While there has yet been no indication of such an intention on his part, individuals like Zimmerman are attempting to do the work for him.

What should be the greatest deterrent against repealing presidential term limits – a third Obama term – is being used as a selling point among his remaining supporters.

–B. Christopher Agee