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Dan Rather To Teach Journalism Course Called ‘Finding The Truth In The News’

Matt Vespa, Former CBS News anchor and host for 60 Minutes Dan Rather is heading into the classroom to teach a journalism course at UDemy, an online education platform. The course will be called “finding the truth in the news” (via Joe Concha/The Hill): Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather has been tapped to teach

California’s New ‘Hot Air’ Obsession: Cow Farts

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, Many Americans consider California the “land of fruits and nuts” — and lately it’s hard to argue with that. First, California leftists want to secede from the United States of America, simply because they don’t like the outcome of one election. But now — they want to regulate cow flatulence.  Yes, that’s

PBS’ Ifill Asks ‘What Gives’ To Indiana City Upon Discovering They Don’t Like Obama

Matt Vespa,  PBS’ Gwen Ifill hosted a town hall event in Elkhart, Indiana, the R.V. capital of the world, noting how the city had fallen on tough times at the outset of Barack Obama’s presidency. Unemployment had almost hit 20 percent, but it’s dropped to four percent. On June 1, President Obama visited Elkhart for

Vox editor suspended for encouraging riots at Trump rallies

An editor with the website Vox was suspended Friday for a series of tweets encouraging protesters to “start a riot” at Donald Trump rallies – shortly after the Republican candidate’s supporters were attacked outside a San Jose rally the night before.  “We welcome a variety of viewpoints, but we do not condone writing that could put

Video: Judge Napolitano says FBI has œoverwhelming evidence to indict and convict Clinton

Jazz Shaw, Hot Air I see that Hillary Clinton is slowly but surely trying to leave Bernie Sanders in the dust, taking an attitude that the primary race is pretty much over. Despite Sanders’ repeated objections, the former Secretary of State is moving on and beginning the search for her Vice Presidential candidate. But Bernie

Liberals are winning the language war?

 Are conservatives linguistically challenged? Or are they just naïve enough to think they can win the battle of ideas with — ideas? Okay, and money. Conservatives, like liberals, will spend huge amounts of money this year to get their ideas across to voters. But what they fail to do is bundle their thoughts into a

Federal government’s fiscal deterioration almost 5 times official deficit

Dustin Siggins  In Fiscal Year 2013, the official federal deficit was $680 billion. Liberals have cheered this drop while subsequently ignoring how this deficit is both larger than all of Bush’s pre-recession deficits and is expected to grow dramatically over the next several decades. However, the Treasury Department’s annual report on the finances of the

The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet and More

By : John Hawkins Even though Right Wing News is an opinion site these days, I do still surf the web for news and to find material to write about. Some websites I read for columnists, others I peruse to see what particular bloggers have to say, but when I’m looking for news, here are

Rasmussen: Republican affiliation hits record high

In 2006 and 2008, Democrats rode a wave of voter dissatisfaction to two electoral victories — and to large leads in party affiliation. By 2010, Republicans had the momentum of voter dissatisfaction, but not the realignment seen in the previous two cycles. According to a new survey by Rasmussen Reports, the realignment seems to have