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Sadism and the Online Mob

 Slate magazine has a wonderful feature about online outrage, and you should check it out. You can read a story by someone whose career was wrecked by a careless tweet, or another by a writer who started a flood of outrage by accident. You can read about liberal outrage or conservative outrage. But I think […] Read More →

Why Conservatives Should Oppose Torture

Becoming evil to defeat evil is un-American. The Senate Intelligence Committee’s release of the CIA torture report Tuesday has caused a divide among Americans.  The debate, currently between all ends of the political spectrum, consists of those who vehemently oppose torture, those who support it, and those who base their decisions on political dogma. According […] Read More →

A murderer’s warped idealism

George Will,   Western reflection about human nature and the politics of the human condition began with the sunburst of ancient Greece 2,500 years ago, but it lurched into a new phase 70 years ago with the liberation of the Nazi extermination camps. The Holocaust is the dark sun into which humanity should stare, lest troubling lessons […] Read More →

Patrick J. Buchanan: The price of papal popularity

 Normally a synod of Catholic bishops does not provide fireworks rivaling the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, where Mayor Richard Daley’s boys in blue ran up the score on the radicals in Grant Park. But, on Oct. 13, there emanated from the Synod on the Family in Rome a 12-page report from a committee […] Read More →

Are Liberals the Real Authoritarians?

 Conservatives are conservative because they’re authoritarian and resistant to new ideas. Everyone knows that, right? There’s a bunch of social-science research that even proves it. If only conservatives were more open and less dogmatically attached to their tribe and their traditions, the world would be a much better place. A lot of smart people endorse […] Read More →

This Legal Immigrant Wants the Old America

Michael Youssef  As we pause to celebrate the birth of this blessed nation, many among us are sad and even disgusted over what has happened to it. Millions of Americans who have known “the old America”—the one they were born in and grew up in—feel a deep disappointment that their grandchildren will not grow up […] Read More →

College student calls for peers to reject secularism

Derek Kim I’ve always been the one to stand out. First generation Korean immigrant, Jesus-follower, journalist. Now put the latter two together. When people learn I am a journalism major and a Christian, they tend to ask why the profession has evolved into such an impetus for the liberal left. I think journalism’s nod to […] Read More →

The Communist States of America

Matt Barber,  A preferred ploy of left-wing change agents is to ridicule critics when they point out the undeniable parallels between the goals of today’s “progressive” movement, to include the Democratic Party in general, and the goals of the early, and very much still alive, communist movement. If, for instance, one mentions the historical fact […] Read More →

Political Means Don’t Achieve Moral Ends

 It’s too early to predict where N.J. Governor Chris Christie’s “bridgegate” scandal will lead. What did Christie know and when did he know it about actions of operatives in his administration who engineered the closing of key traffic lanes, leading onto the George Washington bridge outside Fort Lee, New Jersey, as political punishment for a […] Read More →

There Are No Greater Bigots, Hypocrites, Than Liberals.

Tolerating the Intolerable? There are no greater bigots, hypocrites, than liberals. Muslims murder and discriminate against gays and women daily, yet Obama unconditionally supports their Islamic regimes while our progressive minions of “tolerance” remain silent. Saying you disagree with homosexuality is not prejudiced, intolerant or hate speech: it’s called freedom of choice, one’s personal and/or […] Read More →

In Government We Trust: The Progressive Religion

With a storied history of attacking people of faith as extremists, radicals and the greatest threat this nation faces, it seems odd to see progressives embrace religion in their “advance the agenda at any and all costs” march. But they are, with vigor. The wheels are coming off the progressives’ dream of a cradle-to-grave entitlements, […] Read More →

The Disappearance of Heroes � Perception or Reality?

By, Luke Hamilton, Our stories are changing. Wonder and Beauty slowly eke from our world, unnoticed and unmourned. I used to think it was a natural cessation from the Neverland of youth; a necessary immigration from the immature trappings of youthful imagination to the logical constraints of a moribund maturity. However I’ve found that this […] Read More →

Why the Left Hates Old White People

The latest left-wing tactic to discredit conservative views is to dismiss the age and race of conservatives. “Old white males” and “old white people” are the left’s latest favored negative epithets for those holding conservative views. Chris Matthews of MSNBC, Thomas Friedman and Paul Krugman of the New York Times, and Senate Majority Leader Harry […] Read More →