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A Thanksgiving Turkey for the .01 Percent

 Americans will eat 235 million turkeys this year, about 46 million of them on Thanksgiving. Almost all will be factory farm behemoths bred for maximum white meat and minimum cost. But if you’re willing to pay—really pay—you can grace your table with a purebred heritage turkey. These free-range birds, which are growing in popularity among […] Read More →

Possible 2016 White House contenders prepare to run

 With the midterm elections out of the way, the 2016 presidential race will quickly take over the national political spotlight. While some likely contenders have been positioning themselves for a White House bid for months, others are still evaluating their chances and many could wait until early 2015 to make a decision. Here are a […] Read More →

Amazon Owned, Alexa Search Engine Caught Targeting Conservative Websites?

Is Amazon-owned company purposely sabotaging sites which carry headlines contradictory to administration talking points?  In an apparent subversive effort intended to diminish the rising popularity of independent media, traffic stats acquired through the Amazon-owned web analytics service Alexa strangely indicate that many “conservative” websites suffered a steep decline in rankings through the month of October 2014. […] Read More →

The effect of technology on the casino industry

 A lot has changed in 30 years. Home phones became cell phones, vinyl records became iPods and legwarmers became apple-bottomed jeans.   The rise of the digital age has had a monumental effect on the way we receive news, travel and communicate, and this in turn has had an overwhelming effect on industries the world over, […] Read More →

Pelosi: Hillary’s Strength, Popularity, and Prestige Drove the GOP to it’s Wit’s End

Sarah Jean Seman,  Republicans are baffled at how to tear down the powerhouse known as Hillary Clinton, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told CNN Wednesday. Her comments came after Republican political consultant Karl Rove questioned Clinton’s state of health earlier this week. Attacking Clinton only makes her a more foreboding 2016 presidential candidate, Pelosi […] Read More →

Demands Grow for Trey Gowdy to be Next Speaker of the House

Ben Marquis,  We recently conducted an admittedly unscientific poll asking if South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy should be the next speaker of the House. The results thus far have been overwhelmingly favorable, with 98% of respondents saying yes, Trey Gowdy should replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House. One can only ascribe his popularity […] Read More →

Christie finds allies among Hispanic leaders

 His administration gripped by scandal, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has found unlikely allies among the nation’s Hispanic community. In New Jersey and beyond, some minority leaders usually aligned with Democrats are giving the Republican governor the benefit of the doubt regarding controversies that have enveloped his office, in part because of Christie’s aggressive courtship […] Read More →

Great Reasons to Take Online Classes

 Online courses have definitely found popularity among students and teachers. They have become so popular over the past several years, that nearly 75 percent of students take at least one online course each semester. So, what is the big hype about these types of classes? Well, let’s dive right in and take a close look. […] Read More →

State Department blows $630k buying Facebook �likes

I’ve long been fascinated by the business of manufacturing popularity, which has become much easier thanks to the Internet.  It’s very easy to cook up favorable reviews for an item, create zillions of phony Twitter followers, and otherwise create the illusion that people, products, and ideas are much more popular than they actually are.   Read More →