Ukraine PM Accuses Russia of Wanting WWIII

Mike Shedlock,  Ukraine and Russia remain in the spotlight this weekend. Here are the top stories. Russia hiked interest rates 50 basis points on Friday accompanied with a warning about inflation and a sluggish economy. Russian Markets Have Worst Week Since Crimea. Ukraine’s acting prime minister accused Russia of wanting to start WWII. Ukraine forces

Florida Poll: Only 21 Percent Say Rubio Should Run for President

 Daniel Doherty, Sen. Marco Rubio’s fall from grace as a conservative stalwart in the Republican Party is well-documented. His all-in push for comprehensive immigration reform went down in flames last year, killing his conservative credentials in the process (although he’s now working overtime to earn them back). And yet virtually everyone in the Beltway Media

Biden takes advantage of his office for foreign policy creds, ahead of possible 2016 run

As Vice President Biden ponders a 2016 presidential run, he continues to use the benefits of his office to make high-profile trips to Ukraine and other diplomatic hotspots — burnishing the foreign policy credentials he would need to win the Democratic nomination over Hillary Clinton. Biden already has solid credentials, having served on the Senate

2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Standings and Richmond Joey Logano wins in crazy finish

RICHMOND, Va. — Joey Logano punched his ticket to NASCAR’S playoffs. Marcos Ambrose punched Casey Mears. Logano used a savvy move to get around three dueling former champions in the final laps Saturday night at Richmond International Raceway, and the classic short-track ending caused tempers to flare in a big way in the garage afterward.