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ObamaCare fines rising in 2015, IRS prepares to collect

 Don’t have health insurance? Get ready to pay up.  The ObamaCare-mandated fines for not having insurance are rising in 2015 — and for the first time, will be collected by the Internal Revenue Service.  The individual requirement to buy health insurance went into effect earlier this year. But this coming tax season is the first […] Read More →

FDA approves Roche Ebola test for emergency use

 Roche Holding AG said U.S. health regulators have approved its Ebola test for emergency use in response to the world’s worst outbreak of the disease in West Africa. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Roche’s LightMix Ebola Zaire rRT-PCR Test for use on patients with signs and symptoms of Ebola Zaire virus […] Read More →

How the U.S. Government Botched Its Multibillion-Dollar Plan to Beat Childhood Disease

 In the late 1990s, scientists studying children’s health pondered crucial questions they couldn’t answer: Conditions as diverse as asthma and autism were increasing in prevalence, with no clear reason why. Many suspected that a child’s early environment—even exposures in the womb—were connected to medical problems that manifested years later.  For example, is risk of asthma influenced by […] Read More →

CDC reports potential Ebola exposure in Atlanta lab

 One scientist may have been exposed to the Ebola virus and as many as a dozen others are being assessed for potential exposure at a lab of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, agency officials said Wednesday. The potential exposure took place Monday when scientists conducting research on the virus at a […] Read More →

Grieving Family Hit with $1M Medical Bill After Cops Throw Grenade At Baby, Govt Refuses To help

Black Listed News  GEORGIA — The government has refused to compensate grieving parents whose 18-month-old infant was burned alive when a team of SWAT officers threw a flash bang grenade directly into the baby’s playpen. The incident occurred on the morning of May 28, as parents Alecia and Bounkham Phonesavanh and their three children were […] Read More →

Consumer Alert: Express Scripts presses for expansion of drugs it won’t cover

 Express Scripts, the largest manager of prescription drug plans for U.S. employers, is taking an increasingly aggressive stance in price negotiations with pharmaceutical companies after winning discounts on medications with a strategy introduced last year. On Monday, Express Scripts said it lined up a cheaper price for AbbVie Inc’s newly approved hepatitis C treatment and, […] Read More →

Report: Feds Pressuring More Doctors to Ask Patients About Their Guns

Feds using Medicare reimbursements to force doctors to ask about guns, according to medical professional. The federal government is pressuring more and more medical doctors to ask their patients if they own firearms, according to a healthcare professional.  The feds are using Medicare reimbursements along with the new electronic medical record format standardized by the […] Read More →

The Cold-Medicine Racket

 One in four people, when buying an over-the-counter medicine to treat a headache, will go for a brand name product. Unless that person is a pharmacist. In that case, according to research from the National Bureau of Economic Research, they’ll almost certainly buy a generic version. The pharmacists know, and trust, that the drugs are […] Read More →

Health News: Software That Helps Spot Sneaky Infections

 The downside of seeking medical treatment is that it can make you sick. About 1 in 25 patients who visited a U.S. hospital in 2011 developed a hospital-acquired infection, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and about 75,000 died as a result. Poor hand-washing or the wrong disinfectant can spread drug-resistant bacteria […] Read More →