America: Land of the “Mostly” Free

Michael Schaus  America. Home of the brave, and land of the “mostly” free. At least that’s the takeaway from the recent Index of Economic Freedom. For twenty years the Heritage Foundation has ranked the economic freedom of nations across the globe, and America has been slipping from the top. While much of the rest of […] Continue reading →

Jackie Gingrich Cushman: Responsibility and Freedom

 We declared our independence from Great Britain 238 years ago this week. It was a declaration long in coming, brought about by the overreaching rule of King George III and Britain’s insistence on taxation without representation. The taxation began in the 1760s, the Boston Massacre occurred in 1770, the Boston Tea Party in 1993 and […] Continue reading →

Why Is Most Important Right Missing from U.S. Constitution?

 Somewhere between reason and feeling exists another basic component of our humanness known as conscience. So important is this faculty of human existence-an individual’s conviction about the rightness or wrongness of their actions-that James Madison believed conscience should have been a permanent part of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, even an unalienable right. […] Continue reading →

Credit Cards Have Expiration Dates. Laws Should Too

Jeff Jacoby,  THE GREAT state of Minnesota, you’ll be glad to learn, is no longer interested in the size and color of your bug deflector. The legislature in St. Paul recently scrapped the 1953 law regulating that automotive accessory, one of almost 1,200 antiquated or bizarre laws that Governor Mark Dayton recommended repealing as part […] Continue reading →

38 Points From 1963 – It Is Happening – The Communist Takeover of America

GOP The Daily Dose – by Rick Wells  On Jan. 10, 1963, ten-term Democrat Congressman Albert S. Herlong Jr., who represented Florida’s 5th District, read a list of 45 Communist goals into the Congressional Record. The list was derived from researcher and former FBI agent Cleon Skousen’s book “The Naked Communist.” Of course this isn’t new information, but […] Continue reading →

Plan to Kill the Internet Uncovered - 10 ways web freedom is being butchered worldwide

 The Internet has emerged as the most empowering tool of individual freedom since the Gutenberg’s press, affording billions of people worldwide not only the tool of instant communication, but access to a wealth of liberating information, freedom from the chains of received consensus, and the opportunity to become their own media platform. This represents an […] Continue reading →

What This Commencement Speaker Said In Response To Students “Arrogant Demands” Is Brilliant

B. Christopher Agee  In a move even the left-leaning Daily Beast called “silly,” a Rutgers University protest earlier this month led to a former Secretary of State scrapping a planned speech on campus. This is just one example of the shortsighted activism among some college students that results in less exposure to alternate and valuable […] Continue reading →