Congressman: Trey Gowdy is Building Massive Benghazi Investigation

 South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy is quietly working on building his Benghazi Select Committee investigation.

His team is filled with experienced prosecutors, and they have an ample budget to work with.  They are busy hiring staff and sifting through mounds of evidence and prior testimony, sorting out what they already have, to discover what they still need.

There is massive support amongst Americans for Gowdy’s Benghazi investigation, as the people are ready to put this story to rest, once the truth has been laid bare and justice has been served.


 People are getting curious and slightly impatient though, wanting to know what kind of progress is being made with the investigation.  They have been asking their own Congressmen, particularly those close to Trey Gowdy, what they know about the investigation.

Fellow South Carolina Representative and personal friend Jeff Duncan posted a brief update on his Facebook page, answering the questions posed to him by his constituents.

“I’ve had several folks ask what’s going on with the Benghazi select committee. Chairman Trey Gowdy is hard at work and I have no doubt that his bulldog like tenacity will uncover the truth for the American people. “Like” if you know that Trey Gowdy is the right man to lead this investigation!”

Trey Gowdy is definitely the right man for the job, and he certainly does have a “bulldog-like tenacity”.  He knows his stuff, and once he latches on to something, he will hold on until he is satisfied.

Hopefully Gowdy will get all of the preparations on his Committee wrapped up soon.  The people want to see some results.  They are ready for him to subpoena Hillary Clinton, and watch him depose her.  The people would love to see Gowdy subpoena Obama himself, although odds are that Obama would defy and ignore such a subpoena.

The truth will eventually be found, and Trey Gowdy is the man to find it.

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  • RockyMtn1776

    Trey Gowdy for President. Granted, he is somewhat unknown but so was Obama.

    • Chad3434

      What !!!!? To not know who Trey Gowdy is you would have to have been living under a rock. If I google Trey Gowdy I get 1,580,000 results. Just wondering how you come up with unknown.

  • Bertharina Rina


    Now, the question: To Syria and Iran this Israeli leader, Netanyahu is most likely a politically devised serpent slivering beneath the by-ways of bribed congressmen, that articulate future graft from an obvious watering hole; and too, is aided and abetted with billions of dollars per year out of the United States Treasury Dept. This does not account for under-the-table currency from love affairs with hundreds of national across the globe. To Syria and Iran this would be a moneyed solution in controlling nations of whom do not fall into global imperialism, being backed with a specific universal financial autocracy. How in the world would Putin hug an opposite representative of international Zionism in its all out threat to the Soviet empire. In Moscow Putin obligated himself and Russia as orthodox Christians. Actually, no nation can can serve two masters at one time, for one will betray the other when given a chance. If so, one will harbor the nature of a rascal, the other a fox.

    Unexpectedly, an ugly sabre rattling imposter put a foot hold onto the Crimea. Our western concerns within the Ukraine comes as a surprise. Every since the late President Franklin Roosevelt avoided alien stake outs during WW11 the State Dept. has been a complete political misrepresentation of an independent agency of national government. No, the Crimean hit was no surprise. Hillary Clinton made a mess of things as a plant through organized confusion concerning tri state affairs as attuned to Israel, Syria, and Iran. Hopefully, that John Kerr will not be sucked into this situation in becoming a fall-guy just as all State Dept. officials have been.There is little doubt that the highest echelons of national government are free from spies and payed immigres, walk-ins or residential informers struggling to weaken a Republic that has been weakened from an inside con temptress pro-Marxian clan of which are in situated in civil and charitable institutions now receiving tax-free monies from the IRS. Let us not be deceived: We have an enemy within long before the Late President Woodrow Wilson so subtly correlated his One Word view, as he and Leon Trotsky welcomes the Russian Bolshevik take over in 1918. The late President Franklin Roosevelt helped America’s move toward imperialism until he died or was murdered at Warm Springs, Ga. Vice President George Wallace made a global trip favoring a future One World government. Arrogantly, President has side-tracked the liberal pack of hounds in office by moving in on the Crimea. Only a palm reader knows what is in back of Putin’s mind.

    For sure, President Netanyahu is selfish in protecting the Zionist state of Israel. Further, President Putin with parliamentary backing, collectively, assures all that Russia is loved and will protect itself professing Christianity. We have a State, America, with hundreds of man-made religions supposedly led by a Christian God. In essence, Israel posses stinger rockets backed up with nuclear-powered warheads–possibly several atom bombs. What is amazing is that President Obama and his political hanger-oners plays the middle in attempting to dazzle the inarticulate masses of the state into one state made zombie. Time will tell. Does imperialism withdraw its western fangs at the Ukrainian borders, or will Moscow reverse globalists imperialism where ever its ugly head arises from the sand.

  • zoehoney

    If he ran I would vote for him.

    • Chad3434

      Trey Gowdy would make an excellent president but first we have to check with the Republican Party and see who they want. What the people want means zip to the Republican Party.

  • Chad3434

    There is only one way justice can be served and that is when they jail Obama and Hillary over the Benghazi cover up. Not only have they executed a cover up they withheld evidence and they did it intentionally and every one knows that. Any half way investigation will show this and I am sure Gowdy’s investigation will show this. Now when it shows this then that is grounds to jail Obama and Hillary but will they go to jail. Not in our life time. So my point is this, What good is any investigation when that is all it is. We all already know that Obama and Hillary did a cover up and that they broke the law. An investigation without consequences is really not much. If the investigation proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they broke the law then they need to go to jail. If they do not go to jail then we only slide further down the hole of darkness.