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As a result, many people need some courses in how to properly achieve positive SEO results but do not know where to turn. There are many different SEO blogs on the internet that can help users with these concepts: we will review three of them in the following article.

The Moz Blog

Developed as a multi-faceted website that offers direct SEO assistance via its products, the Moz Blog is an off-shoot of Moz and provides users with free information on various SEO tactics. Some of the topics you can expect to find on here include tips on pinging networks with relevant content, link building and removal assistance, lessons on proper search engine optimization development in domestic and international markets, and visual guides to hundreds of other important elements of SEO. With updates provided daily, you will always find new subjects being covered on the Moz Blog. If you like what you see, you can quickly subscribe to their email list, interact with them via social media and check out all of the premium Moz products and services offered.

Search Engine Watch

One of the most well-known search engine optimization and content marketing portals on the web, Search Engine Watch is a definite must-stop for those who need assistance with a variety of website related optimization tools and tips. The site itself has several categories that may appeal to some or all readers: industry analysis and news, SEO tactics, PPC campaign details, analytics assistance, local SEO tactics and mobile development are just a few of the categories you can peruse at your leisure. With several different posts added daily, you will never run out of fresh content to mull over as you plot and plan your next marketing efforts. By adding Search Engine Watch to your bookmarks, you are establishing quick and easy access to one of the best internet marketing resources.

Matt Cutts Blog

It has been said that you can hear the groans of millions of webmasters across the world each time Google makes changes to its search engine algorithms. You may be pinging networks effectively today, but tomorrow could be a different story if a massive rollout or update by Google occurs. Matt Cutts is a software engineer for Google and provides first-hand insight and experience about changes at Google to his readers. While he obviously does not give away all of the secrets, many webmasters periodically check his blog in order to find out whether certain marketing aspects need to be tweaked in order to avoid  SEO penalties. We highly recommend that you add the Matt Cutts Blog to your so-called required reading lists.


The Best SEO Optimized Word Press Theme

Swift Themes Awesomeness

Faster is better than slow

Download Swift


Speed is relative, it depends on lot of factors like
◾Hosting ( Server configuration )
◾Type of content on the page
◾Connection speed of the user
◾Functionality added to the blog/site

On a fully loaded blog/site ( After adding all the necessary functionality ), your blog will be faster with Swift than it was with any other theme.

How do we achieve that?

By following the standards and doing everything possible to reduce the page weight and the number of HTTP requests. Here are few things that we do in Swift
◾Delayed loading of gravatars in comments. Gravtars are loaded after all the content of the page is ready making your pages faster and responsive. You can see the demo here. See how the avatars are loaded after the page is laoded.
◾Base64 images are used to reduce the page weight and the number of HTTP requests.
◾Style sheets and the javaScript files are generated dynamically including only the styles and scripts your theme configuration needs.
◾Commonly used plugins that add to the page weight are included in Swift with exclusive styling for the theme. Following plugin functionality is included in Swift ◾Page navigation.
◾Social share buttons.

Swift demo site getting 95+ page speed score after following the optimization guide here.
Test it yourself !

Search Engine Optimization

Keep the search bots happy with HTML5

The new Swift is a HTML5 theme, making full and correct use of the newly introduced semantics. With the new semantics in HTML5 it is easy for search engines to identify the most important content ( The article ) on your page and rank it for the right key word. With Swift you get traffic that’s actually interested in your article, traffic that sticks, and not some useless traffic who is on your page because the search engines couldn’t rank your page correctly.

Confused? Click me for an example

Other things in Swift to help you with search rankings
◾HTML of the document remains the same in left sidebar, right sidebar and centered layout.
◾Main content ( The Article/Post ) comes first in the document flow in every layout.
◾H1 tag is used for blog name on home page, and on single page blog name gets H2 and post title gets the H1.
◾If you are using logo, blog name and description are added to logo ALT attribute and link title attribute respectively.
◾Swift does not waste the useful heading tags ( H1,H2….H6 ) on widget section titles, it uses

and tags and styles them to look like headings.
◾Last but not the least, THE SPEED


Swift comes with a clean and user friendly design, with hundreds of possible layouts. With Swift you won’t have to hire a designer for his technical skills, you can customize every element of the site to your liking from the options page.
You get
1.Three different types of layouts ( Fluid width, Hybrid, and Fixed width ), with customizable width for hybrid and fixed layouts.
2.Two navigation styles.
3.2 sliders.
4.Blog and two magazine formats to list the posts, with option to select the number of columns for magazine layout.
5.Customize the typography, and colors of every element of the site.
6.7 awesome widgets to enhance the usability of your site.
7.10+ page templates easily build business sites using WordPress as CMS.
8.Shortcodes to easily insert buttons, icons, columns, content toggles and tabbed content.

Every single element in Swift is designed with at most care to give your readers the best experience.

News paper layout

Swift comes with a very well thought and designed NEWS paper template to help you better deliver content to your readers. The news paper template will help you reduce bounce rate and increase page views.

Ad Management

Swift comes with built in ad management with ad’s integrated into 9 prominent locations of the site, giving you highest possible CTR. With swift you will not need a ad manager plugin.

Rocking support

For us support doesn’t end with answering your question, we see your questions as a feedback to improve our product and do the necessary so that there won’t be the same question again in future. Also we included the FAQ’s, inline instructions and a short guide on how to get started with Swift.
These greatly help us in reducing the number of support requests, and thus giving the developer time to answer all support questions.

Plugin integration

Most commonly used plugins are integrated into Swift. This means, your blog wont have to load the style sheets and js files of those plugins as they are bundled with SWIFT.
◾Page navigation.
◾Social media icons.
◾Ad Managers
◾Support for YARPP.

Attention to detail & focus on users

Every element of the site is designed with at most care and constantly reviewed. We test various options to find the best possible configuration before a feature or design enhancement makes it to the final version.

Here is a list of such things that are immediately visible to you
◾User friendly error pages.
◾Implementation of authorship markup.
◾Default styling for forms.
◾No uneven spacings.
◾7 well thought widgets.
◾10+ useful page templates to help you design business sites easily.
◾Option to disable WordPress WYSYWIG editor smartness when designing pages.
◾Custom CSS option for individual pages, again a handy tool to develop business sites.
◾Includes a template for the popular related posts plugin YARRP, to help you create a engaging blog.


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    You’ll reduce your risk for problems with your kidneys, eyes, nerves, feet and legs, and teeth. You’ll also lower your risk for a heart attack or a stroke. You can take care of your diabetes bybeing physically activefollowing a healthy meal plan
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  • Dallas SEO

    You’ll reduce your risk for problems with your kidneys, eyes, nerves, feet and legs, and teeth. You’ll also lower your risk for a heart attack or a stroke. You can take care of your diabetes bybeing physically activefollowing a healthy meal plan
    taking medicines, if prescribed by your doctor