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The Conservative Case Against Boehner’s Border Bill

Conn Carroll  Capitol Hill conservatives are not happy with Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) $659 million response to the unfolding humanitarian crisis at the Texas-Mexico border. They are circulating a series of memos, including the one pasted below, detailing why the Boehner bill will fail to solve the problem. From the memo: The bill does not […] Continue reading →

US easing immigration rule for terrorist support

 The Obama administration has eased the rules for would-be asylum-seekers, refugees and others who hope to come to the United States or stay here and who gave “limited” support to terrorists or terrorist groups. The change is one of President Barack Obama’s first actions on immigration since he pledged during his State of the Union […] Continue reading →

Snowden: NSA’s indiscriminate spying ‘collapsing’

National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden wrote in a lengthy “open letter to the people of Brazil” that he’s been inspired by the global debate ignited by his release of thousands of National Security Agency documents, and that the NSA’s culture of indiscriminate global espionage “is collapsing.” In the letter, released widely online, Snowden commended […] Continue reading →

Nicaraguan Media Publish Snowden Asylum Request Letter

Ex-CIA Employee Discloses US Secret Surveillance Programs Nicaraguan media published on Sunday a letter by ex-CIA employee Edward Snowden requesting asylum in the Central American country as the fugitive intelligence expert rejects the possibility of a ‘fair trial’ in the United States where he may face ‘life in prison or even death.’ A copy of […] Continue reading →

Snowden Pens Open Letter: The Obama White House is Using the �Old, Bad Tools of Political Aggression

Daniel Doherty Reportedly hiding out in Russia and running out of options for finding political asylum abroad, Edward Snowden published an open letter on Monday evening on the WikiLeaks website excoriating the Obama administration for rescinding his American passport and practicing what he considers to be a treacherous form of “deception.” Here’s the full statement […] Continue reading →