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Thomas Sowell: A Lame Duck Country?

 Pundits are pointing to President Barack Obama’s recent decline in public opinion polls, and saying that he may now become another “lame duck” president, unable to accomplish much during his final term in office. That has happened to other presidents. But it is extremely unlikely to happen to this president. There are reasons why other […] Continue reading →

Impeachment Refusal Means Heads Will Roll

BATR In case you are a rabid partisan supporter of the Obama administration, or forgot your history, Richard Nixon was charged for ostensibly the same offense, that President Obama’s loyal minion Lois Lerner oversaw. Joseph Curl writes in the Washington Times, IRS scandal gets Nixonian: The 18½-minute (or 26-month) gap. Article 2 of the Articles of Impeachment against Nixon charged […] Continue reading →

Stopping a lawless president

George Will  What philosopher Harvey Mansfield calls “taming the prince” — making executive power compatible with democracy’s abhorrence of arbitrary power — has been a perennial problem of modern politics. It is now more urgent in the United States than at any time since the Founders, having rebelled against George III’s unfettered exercise of “royal prerogative,” stipulated […] Continue reading →

Petition to Arrest Obama for “Aiding and Abetting the Enemy” is Exploding

 When President Obama unilaterally released five Taliban prisoners from Gitmo in exchange for the return of US soldier Bowe Bergdahl, he violated several federal statutes that carry stiff criminal penalties. Obama violated the law by providing “material support” to a known terrorist organization and “aiding and abetting” the enemy.  This was done by releasing personnel […] Continue reading →

Don’t Just Impeach Obama… Prosecute Him

 Talk of impeaching President Obama has been ongoing for the past six years, at least in the background, but it has recently taken center stage due to the endless litany of potentially impeachable offenses committed by Obama in scandal after scandal. There are a number of reasons for which Congress could begin the impeachment process […] Continue reading →

Impeach Obama: Necessary for the Safety and Security of our Nation - Sign this petition

To:  U.S. House of Representatives    We, the people, of the United States of America, do hereby respectfully demand the immediate impeachment of Barack H. Obama, President of the United States Below, Congressman Stockman has pledged to move for impeachment against Obama. I am standing up against President Obama right beside him, will you? “The […] Continue reading →

After What Allen West Did, Obama Might Be Wishing He’d Never Heard Of Bowe Bergdahl

 Calls for impeachment hearings against Barack Obama have been common throughout his presidency, which has been plagued by numerous scandals and allegations of increasingly brazen cover-ups. The latest controversy surrounding the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has given those proponents even more ammunition to use against Obama. It has also brought new voices in […] Continue reading →