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Fed Sees Labor-Market Slack Even After Unemployment Rate Dropped

 The Federal Reserve said the labor market still has plenty of room for improvement, even after a surprising drop in unemployment, bolstering the case for keeping interest rates low. “A range of labor-market indicators suggests that there remains significant underutilization of labor resources,” the Federal Open Market Committee said today in a statement in Washington, […] Continue reading →

Oil price risks put inflation back in focus

 Iraq will be foremost in investors’ minds in the coming week as oil price risk has returned to markets, complicating the task for central banks whose policies are beginning to diverge for the first time since the global financial crisis. Oil prices neared nine-month highs late last week, touching $115 a barrel, and the rapid […] Continue reading →

Liberal Media: Does Reagan Still Matter?

Ramesh Ponnuru  My Bloomberg View colleague Francis Wilkinson is the latest in a long line of commentators to urge the Republican Party to get over its nostalgia for President Ronald Reagan. And it’s true that Republicans have tended to cling to an agenda that made sense in Reagan’s time but is no longer compelling. The […] Continue reading →

Soros Funded Think Tank Pushes “Culture War” Over Minimum Wage “Inequality”

Corporate labor unions and Alinsky radicals demand government use monopoly of violence against small business The Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a leftist organization that receives funding from activist labor unions, is calling for the government to raise the federal minimum wage. A study produced by the liberal think tank has added emphasis to the “inequality” […] Continue reading →

Ukraine PM Accuses Russia of Wanting WWIII

Mike Shedlock,  Ukraine and Russia remain in the spotlight this weekend. Here are the top stories. Russia hiked interest rates 50 basis points on Friday accompanied with a warning about inflation and a sluggish economy. Russian Markets Have Worst Week Since Crimea. Ukraine’s acting prime minister accused Russia of wanting to start WWII. Ukraine forces […] Continue reading →

Using the Calm Before the Storm: It’s Time to Prepare

By, Luke Hamilton The lull is almost over. Now what?  I don’t need to tell the savvy readership of Conservative Read that this economic “recovery” has been a combination of smoke and mirrors, held together with a shoestring and bubble gum. The plummeting economy, triggered by the collapse of our government-inflated housing bubble, was temporarily slowed […] Continue reading →