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Black Thugs Beat Up White Hippies

Where is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Oprah Winfrey?  In Austin, Texas over the weekend a video was taken of a group of black thugs attacking three basically defenseless white hippies. The attack occurred yards from the Austin Police station. The police, of course, did not intervene. But, as we know from experience, the police […] Continue reading →

Jesse Jackson Calls ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson ‘More Offensive’ Than Rosa Parks’ Bus Driver

The civil-rights activist and religious leader also wants to meet with A&E and Cracker Barrel about the future of content and memorabilia associated with the show following the star’s controversial comments about gays and African-Americans. Jesse Jackson is the latest public figure to weigh in on Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson‘s controversial comments about gays […] Continue reading →

Brit gov health care website: Nine years, $15 billion and counting- site scrapped

By: Seton Motley ObamaCare is a disaster.  It is doing incredible damage to our nation – well beyond just the health insurance sector.  Just about everything President Barack Obama and his fellow zealot ideologue cheerleaders promised it would deliver was an exact-opposite lie. The President promised a family of four a $2,500 premium reduction: ObamaCare […] Continue reading →

Why American Racism Is Impossible To Defeat

Despite all of the genuine hopes, by millions of people, of every tribe and tongue from every corner of this planet, an excruciatingly sad reality is being made perfectly clear. The issue of race-and more specifically America’s brand of racism-will never be defeated.   As the father of a multi-racial family, this reality strikes at […] Continue reading →

Zimmerman Family Suspects Obama Is Tapping Their Phones

Concerns over special interests groups pushing for federal hearing   In a media appearance Tuesday morning, the brother of the recently acquitted George Zimmerman said that he and his family have concerns that the Obama administration is tapping their communications. Appearing on Fox News, Robert Zimmerman said “We do have concerns and always have of […] Continue reading →