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Marco Rubio: Driving the American Dream

 As we gather with family and friends this week to mark the Fourth of July, let us keep in mind the defining value that sets this nation apart – the founding principle that stands as our greatest cause for pride and celebration: that every American deserves an equal opportunity to achieve a happy and fulfilling […] Continue reading →

Rubio: Offer all workers federal retirement plan

 Younger voters would face higher retirement ages but all Americans could join federal retirement accounts in a plan proposed by Sen. Marco Rubio, the latest in his series of national policy prescriptions. Rubio, a first-term Republican senator from Florida who is weighing a presidential bid, is set to deliver a speech Tuesday about retirement programs. […] Continue reading →

Marco Rubio at CPAC 2014: The illegitimacy of tyranny

Senator Marco Rubio’s address to CPAC 2014 emphasized foreign policy, in light of the current drama in Ukraine. Rubio put the Russian action in Crimea in context alongside other grim events on the international stage, including China’s increasingly aggressive territorial claims in Asia; North Korea’s dogged efforts to create nuclear ICBMs that could reach the […] Continue reading →

Which Conservatives Favor/Oppose Syrian Action?

The days of a unified voice on foreign policy seem to be a thing of the past. The divide seems to be between Bush-era moderate hawks and post-2010 tea party conservatives. So, where do some of the top conservatives stand on Syrian action? What Conservatives Are Saying about Syria Hawks See Resistance from Non-interventionists It’s […] Continue reading →

Ted Cruz Rising? 2016 Poll Puts Him in Top Tier

How quickly things change. Not much more than a year ago conservatives were pleading with Mitt Romney to select Marco Rubio as his vice-presidential running-mate, Rand Paul was a 2010-winner footnote, and Ted Cruz was heading into a primary runoff election after placing a distant second in the first round of ballots for the Senate […] Continue reading →