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Just-Revealed Major US Terror Ties of Oklahoma Beheading Suspect Are Truly Scary

 “Workplace violence” — that’s what many in law enforcement and in the mainstream media are still calling the brutal beheading of a woman in Oklahoma by a recent Muslim convert, despite new information that reveals the suspect’s apparently close ties to jihadist terror groups and events. Connecting the tell-tale dots in the life and activities of Alton […] Continue reading →

Major Fail For Lib TV Panel Downplaying Oklahoma Beheading

 Referring to the Oklahoma beheading suspect as a “gentleman,” MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry and panel over the weekend tried to downplay the potential terrorism aspect of the gruesome crime, calling it “workplace violence.” Harris-Perry — generally known as an apologist for the Left and a staunch defender of progressive political correctness — led a discussion that […] Continue reading →

Is A Second American Revolution Now Inevitable?

Brandon Smith | Alt-Market blog “Stand your ground.  Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” - Militia Captain John Parker at the Battle Of Lexington  Just a couple days ago, two armed assailants, a married couple purported by the mainstream media to be “white supremacists” and […] Continue reading →

WWWIII: The Lynchpins Have Been Pulled

 Terresa Monroe-Hamilton,   History is repeating itself and it would seem, in the end, we have learned precious little. World War III was ignited with the Arab Spring and an ignored Archduke Ferdinand moment. The Leftists pushed for it and set the world on fire. Their hope was to reform the world closer to their Marxist […] Continue reading →

Federal Appeals Court Warns Obama That He Is Abusing Power

 Two months ago, the DC Federal Appeals Court ruled that ObamaCare’s mandate to provide insurance coverage for contraceptives could not be imposed on the business organizations Freshway Foods and Freshway Logistics of Sidney, Ohio. The Court ruled that “…forcing those owners to provide the coverage would violate their individual First Amendment rights allowing for the […] Continue reading →

Legislator to tea party: Get your guns ready for economic collapse

by Paraclete All Alabama -by Cassie Fambro Washington state legislator Rep. Matt Shea (R) says preparation is crucial to get ready for what he calls “the inevitable collapse” of the US economy. The Self-Reliance Rally event at an Idaho State Park had several speakers encouraging attendees to prepare by gathering arms and ammunition and considering forming militias. “When […] Continue reading →

How the corporate media lies to you

corporate media
  Many people have heard that the mainstream corporate media lies to people. But few know exactly how that is done. As long ago as 2006, a study by The Center for Media and Democracy�s PR Watch in Madison publicized one technique � video news releases (VNRs). While most VNRs are created by corporations with […] Continue reading →