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Ubuntu 14.04 Has Some New Advantages Over Windows 8.1

Michael Larabel  At the request of many Phoronix readers here are the updated benchmarks comparing the performance of several NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards under Ubuntu 14.04 Linux to Windows 8.1 with all of the latest updates for each operating system. While the NVIDIA graphics driver code-base is largely shared between platforms, many Linux gamers will […] Continue reading →

Windows 8.1 available to download now

John Callaham,  The promised launch of Windows 8.1 is upon us. Microsoft should be turning on their servers right now to allow PC users worldwide that have Windows 8 installed to download the free update to its latest OS with tons of new features and improvements. You can check out our own assessment of Windows […] Continue reading →

Google Chrome Lets Anybody See Your Passwords

One of the most popular features of Chrome is its ability to store passwords. That way they pop up automatically when you go to a function like email or Facebook. Elliot Kember, a software developer, discovered that anybody who clicks on the Chrome settings icon can see all of the passwords on that computer if he or she goes to […] Continue reading →