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Cochran narrowly leads Miss. tea party challenger

 Battling for political survival, six-term Sen. Thad Cochran led tea party favorite Chris McDaniel Tuesday night in a bruising, costly Mississippi primary runoff that exposed deep divisions within the Republican Party. With 92 percent of precincts reporting, Cochran led with 51 percent to McDaniel’s 49 percent. The veteran lawmaker and his allies had highlighted his […] Continue reading →

Sarah Palin: Obama HAS Left Americans Behind

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has never refrained from sharing her critical thoughts about President Obama, and she definitely doesn’t hold back when she speaks her mind. She has blasted him for his tyrannical behavior, and called his treatment of our nation’s vets and active-duty military disgraceful and “ Continue reading →

The Essence of Sarah Palin’s Message for 2014

Lloyd Marcus  I watched a great old movie in the time period of the 1700s starring Anthony Quinn. A small village was brutally abused by an evil bandit and his army of thugs. Quinn organized and inspired the fearful villagers to fight back. When villagers were killed, many blamed, criticized and rejected Quinn. Displaying true […] Continue reading →

5 Ways Liberals Make War on Women

John Hawkins,  Having liberals claim that someone else is waging a “war on women” is like Anteaters claiming Ladybugs are making war on ants. Not only is the Left much more unfriendly to women than the Right, liberals are actually leaving a body count behind. 1) The Party of Infanticide: The liberals’ whole “safe, legal […] Continue reading →

Christie Falling Hard in 2016 Horse Race

 It’s been a pretty awful month for NJ Governor Chris Christie. has he gotten a raw deal? Yeah, probably. The media will always go after Republicans ruthlessly at the end of the day, no matter how one tries. It’s no surprise that at the same time he overtook Clinton in polls, “scandals” started surfacing. So, […] Continue reading →

Sarah Palin: We�re on a �Dangerous Path

Britney Logan  Sarah Palin recognizes that Obama’s federal overreach through constant violations of the constitution and the separation of powers is leading us down a “dangerous path” to tyranny.   Obama ignores laws he doesn’t like and threatens to escalate executive actions because “waiting on legislation” just gets in the way of his attempts to […] Continue reading →

‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson defended by Bristol Palin

Daughter of former GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin gives angry online rant over A&E’s suspension of Robertson in wake of 67-year-old reality star’s controversial comments about homosexuality.Like mother, like daughter. Bristol Palin slammed the “hypocritical” gay community over the controversy surrounding “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson. “Everyone needs to leave Phil Robertson alone for expressing […] Continue reading →