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What Went Wrong in Iraq

Steve Chapman When the United States invaded Iraq in March 2003, Americans were told it would be a quick, simple project. When asked how long the war might last, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said airily, “Six days, six weeks, I doubt six months.” So what’s the complaint today from those who advocated the war most […] Continue reading →

Gruesome Footage Of ISIS Atrocities Reveals Al Qaeda Jihadists “Will Stop At Nothing”

Zero Hedge  Judging by the gruesome propaganda video being released by ISIS, it is no wonder the Iraqi soldiers and police stripped off uniforms and ran… As The Daily Mail reports, blood-thirsty jihadists are carrying out summary executions on civilians, Iraqi soldiers and police officers - including 17 in one street alone – on their warpath to […] Continue reading →

Pakistani Taliban attack airport in Karachi, 27 dead

 Taliban militants disguised as security forces stormed Pakistan’s busiest airport on Sunday and at least 27 people were killed in a night-long battle at one of the country’s most high-profile targets. The assault on Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, Pakistan’s sprawling commercial hub of 18 million people, all but destroys prospects for peace talks between […] Continue reading →

US Embassy in Kabul confirms 3 doctors killed by Afghan hospital guard are American citizens

 Update: US Embassy in Kabul confirms 3 doctors killed by Afghan hospital guard are American citizens. Afghan hospital guard kills 3 foreign doctors An Afghan security guard opened fire on a group of doctors at a Kabul hospital on Thursday morning, killing three foreign physicians and wounding two other people, officials said. The shooting at […] Continue reading →

59 killed in Kenya mall attack, 49 missing

The Kenyan military remained in a tense standoff with Islamic extremists Sunday, as the toll rose to 59 dead, including children, and 175 wounded in the attack at an upscale mall, a Kenyan minister said. Multiple barrages of gunfire erupted Sunday morning from inside the building where hostages are being held by militants. The radicals […] Continue reading →

Al Qaeda convicts flee in Iraq jailbreak

Dozens of prisoners, including convicted al Qaeda members, escaped an Iraqi jail after militants dressed in police uniform attacked the prison and released them, security sources said on Friday. The jail, which housed some 300 inmates, was assaulted by gunmen driving police vehicles after a car bomb exploded outside the main gate late on Thursday, […] Continue reading →

Israel on high alert ahead of Yom Kippur

Complete closure imposed on West Bank and Gaza, increased police presence and security forces deployment � all part of IDF, police preparations for ‘holiest day’ of year The special police alertness level which was put into effect ahead of the Rosh Hashanah holiday will continue during Yom Kippur and will only be terminated after the […] Continue reading →

State Department sets up 24-hour monitoring team for embassy crisis

  The State Department has gone into full-blown crisis mode, organizing a round-the-clock effort to coordinate the U.S. government�s response to the expanding attacks on U.S. embassies in the Middle East and North Africa. �The State Department has stood up a 24-hr monitoring team to insure appropriate coordination of information and our response. In addition, […] Continue reading →