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Tea party goes after Cochran in Miss. GOP primary

 Six-term Republican Sen. Thad Cochran and tea party-backed challenger Chris McDaniel collided in Mississippi on Tuesday in a ferocious battle between insurgents and the establishment in a party divided along ideological lines. On the busiest night of the primary season, Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown of California also sought nomination to a fourth term. Primary elections […] Continue reading →

South Dakota gay marriage ban to face lawsuit

 A lesbian couple plans to exchange vows Saturday in Minnesota, then be the first South Dakota residents to legally challenge the state’s ban on same-sex marriage and its refusal to recognize such nuptials. Nancy Robrahn, 68, and Jennie Rosenkranz, 72, of Rapid City, have been together 27 years. Minneapolis lawyer Joshua Newville said Friday he […] Continue reading →

The Debt Limit and the 2014 Elections

The GOP Should Plan And Campaign In The Key Of Common Sense  Hugh Hewitt,  My conversation with GOP Senate Senator Mitch McConnell on air Thursday made it obvious that he cannot plan or execute a Senate GOP strategy on the debt limit until the House GOP passes some sort of a debt limit bill and […] Continue reading →

The Best State in America Is�?

Daniel J. Mitchell,  What’s the best state in America? I’m not sure I can answer that broad question, but I can address the more narrow issue of which state has the most economic freedom. Last month, for instance, I shared some data from the Canada-based Fraser Institute which showed that South Dakota was America’s most […] Continue reading →

A look at unemployment benefits by state

 A look at unemployment rates, the maximum number of weeks that unemployment benefits are currently available and the total number of weeks that would be available for each state if Congress renews federal emergency jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed. States that have higher unemployment rates are eligible for additional weeks of federal jobless aid. […] Continue reading →

Winter to open with bitter cold, snow in U.S. northwest, Rockies - Longterm forecaster

The Pacific Northwest and western Rockies should brace for a dramatic start to the winter, with bitter cold and significant snowfalls, while the eastern United States will have less of both, according to a long-term forecast by Accuweather. The private forecasting firm also warned that the upper Midwest, including Chicago, could face heavy snow around […] Continue reading →