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Trump Could Win Pennsylvania

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell said Thursday he’s skeptical that Republican Donald Trump will take part in the three debates against Democrat Hillary Clinton scheduled for this fall. “He not only doesn’t put any meat on the bones, I think if you asked him for specifics he couldn’t tell you, and that’s why I think

FEC probe of Fox: A chilling message when the feds challenge coverage

Howard Kurtz, It’s yet another example of government gridlock. Democrats going after Fox News, Republicans defending Fox News. Only this time it comes in the context of an FEC investigation, one that raises troubling questions about press freedom. The Federal Election Commission voted behind closed doors last month on allegations that Fox broke the law

Listen to the Libertarians

Jacob Sullum, The matchup between Hillary Clinton, one of the most uptight politicians ever, and Donald Trump, a loose-lipped lunatic who revels in saying whatever pops into his head, promises some entertaining presidential debates. But Americans who would like to see a clash of ideas, as well as a clash of styles, should hope the

More Firepower Than the Marines

Jeff Jacoby, AMERICA’S GUN CULTURE has been a subject of intense interest and controversy for years, with concerns frequently raised about shadowy militias, paramilitary extremists, and unstable zealots in possession of alarming quantities of explosives and firearms. Amid the current din over assault weapons and body armor, consider one domestic organization’s fearsome arsenal of military-style

House votes to protect ‘dark money’ political donors

The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to protect the identities of wealthy individuals and others who make anonymous, or “dark money,” donations to politically active nonprofit groups. The measure, which drew lobbying support from billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch, was approved in a 240-180 vote along party lines. It would prohibit

Get To College, Get A Job, Get Poorer: Students Are Worse Off After Attending For-Profit Colleges

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Go to college, study hard, get a good paying job – that’s the mantra heard by most students across America as they wind down their high school careers. Intuitively taking out loans just to go to college because everyone says so isn’t a good idea, and a new study

Leading House conservative wants IRS chief impeached

The head of a hard-line Republican conservative faction in the U.S. Congress wants to impeach the nation’s top tax officer and said lawmakers could do this without accusing him of any crime. Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen should be impeached within weeks, said Jim Jordan, chairman of the House of Representatives Freedom Caucus, in

Trump taps climate skeptic on energy, resists tax release

Likely U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump pushed back on Friday against renewed calls for him to release his income tax returns before the election, saying the rate that he pays is “none of your business.” American presidential candidates have voluntarily released their tax returns for decades. Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and her rival,

Establishment Conservatives in Congress Won’t Stand for a Caesar

Sam Tanenhaus As the Republican Party reaches an uneasy truce with Donald Trump, ideological conservatives still insist that he is not one of them and that his victory is a defeat for their ideas. Such skepticism isn’t new for conservatives, especially when it comes to presidents. Of the six Republican presidents in the modern era,

Florida boldly moves to require criminal charges before the government can seize your property

Jazz Shaw, Taylor already wrote about the reinstatement of the federal civil asset forfeiture sharing program, which was bad news. The practice of law enforcement using the property of citizens who have not been convicted of a crime as a revenue source is a scourge which needs to be abolished in this country. Fortunately,

Walter E. Williams: Spending and Morality

 During last year’s budget negotiation meetings, President Barack Obama told House Speaker John Boehner, “We don’t have a spending problem.” When Boehner responded with “But, Mr. President, we have a very serious spending problem,” Obama replied, “I’m getting tired of hearing you say that.” In one sense, the president is right. What’s being called a