Barack Obama Is A Member Of The Muslim Brotherhood - Video

On September 1, Egypt’s largest newspaper had a screaming headline: “OBAMA IS A MEMBER OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD!”


The article goes on to say that Khairat El-Shater, the number two man in the Muslim Brotherhood hierarchy—now in custody by the Egyptian military—has evidence that will put Obama is prison.

Kharirat El-Shater is singing like a bird, implicating our Muslim Brotherhood President, Barack Obama, but there’s no need. The Egyptian military, putting the horde of Muslim Brotherhood thugs on trial for murder, burning churches, and crucifying Christians, has found a treasure trove of documents, including proof that the Obama regime was funneling millions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood, having in hand the actual signed receipts.

But this is just small change compared to what Barack Obama has been up to. Khariat El-Shater signed an agreement with Obama about a little parcel of land known as the Sinai Peninsula. As reported by Egypt Daily News, Obama secretly transferred a staggering $8 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood to guarantee that the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula be turned over to the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist wing Hamas.

Why would Obama want Hamas to take over the Sinai Peninsula, an area of land larger than the entire state of Israel?

The only explanation, as crazy as it sounds, is to set up Israel for annihilation. Hamas openly vows that its ultimate goal is to finish the job Hitler started—to bring about a total extermination of the Jewish people. Talk about an anti-Semitic President!

It’s a good thing Barack Obama’s BFF, former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi, is no longer in power. But this is only the beginning. Obama has his fingers in every aspect of the Muslim Brotherhood pie, including the Brotherhood’s mercenary army, al-Qaeda—Obama actually colluding with the the so-called “rebels” in Syria!

Prominent Americans Discussing Impeaching Obama

The direct speaking Robert Murray pulled no punches when he addressed the Bluefield Coal show in West Virginia yesterday.

The CEO of Murray Energy, one of America’s largest coal producers, had a lot to say; and the word “impeachment” was one of them during a hard-hitting keynote speech to the coal mining industry, as well as to the rest of America.


Murray warned that Obama‘s disastrous energy policies are leading America to a European model of energy poverty as evidenced by huge price spikes to consumers in Britain and Germany…

“They are destroying low cost electricity in America for everyone, including our citizens on fixed incomes and our manufacturers of products that compete in the global marketplace.  European countries, particularly Germany went this route with disastrous consequences.”

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He backed up Germany’s energy plight with: Germany spent 194 billion in the past 10 years on their “green” Obama experiment, including 10.2 billion in subsidies for solar alone. The result is German electric prices have jumped 61% and 15% of German families live in energy poverty.”……All of their predictions on the cost of solar and wind power were understated five-fold”

 “To make up for German’s energy shortfall created by the loss of nuclear power and the inefficiency of “green” electricity, Germany is currently building 23 new coal-fired electricity generating plants.”

Great Britain is another canary in the “green” mineshaft as their citizens struggle with huge price increases in electricity:  “Their electricity prices have risen more than than 70% since 2005.  Further, electricity prices are expected to increase another 54% by 2020.”……..and other European countries are now faced with power black outs.  Mr. Obama, his supporters and most democrats in Congress will not recognize this.”

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Murray pointed the spotlight on the actual damage these Obama “green” policies will wreak on America:  “Mr. Obama’s EPA alone will destroy much of America’s economy, resulting in the loss of 2.15 million jobs and nearly 200 billion in electricity rate increases by 2020, according to recent expert studies.”

If there is a keystone to modern society, it is the availability of relatively cheap and abundant energy. And Murray spelled it out:  “Low cost electricity is a staple of life.  President Obama and his radical appointees are generating a huge crisis for America in what they are doing to the cost and reliability of electric power for our citizens.”

Murray put a personal tie into why he is so passionate about Obama’s disastrous energy policies:

“Mr. Obama’s actions are a human issue to me, as I know the names of many Americans whose jobs and family livelihoods are being destroyed as he appeases his radical environmentalist, unionist, liberal elitist Hollywood character and other constituents.  These folks are my employees.

“These good Americans only want to work in honor and dignity.  But when their jobs and those of their neighbors are eliminated in the coal mining areas of America, they have no one to sell their homes to, which is generally their only possession.  Thus these people, who only want to work, are prohibited from doing so and fall to the negative side of the economic ledger for the rest of their lives.  This is not the America that I have always cherished.”

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Robert Murray ominously closed out his speech with a warning to the President and those who insist on taking America down a path that will eventually lead to disaster for the country:

“Many prominent Americans are now discussing the need to impeach President Obama…maybe you will want to be a part of this effort.”