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Obama’s Foreign Policy Kills Christians

While the temporary, partial government shutdown has riveted our nation, Christians are being martyred all over the world. The limited space of this column does not permit me to enumerate the long list of martyred Christians and the locations where Christians continue to be killed in cold blood. But needless to say, the violence stretches […] Continue reading →

Growing Consensus: Assad Pretty Much Won the Syrian Crisis

Guy Benson With a huge assist from Uncle Vlad, of course.  Not to mention our Secretary of State, whose mindless “smart power” riffing on a hypothetical scenario provided the opening through which Moscow and Damascus giddily charged, handcuffing Obama in the process.  Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Goldberg surveys Assad’s decisive win: The agreement, reached over the weekend, to begin […] Continue reading →

UN chemical weapons inspectors submit Syria report

The U.N. says its chief chemical weapons inspector has turned over his team’s report on last month’s alleged poison gas attack in Syria to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. U.N. spokesman Martin Nesirky said the report was transmitted Sunday and the secretary-general will brief a closed session of the U.N. Security Council on its contents Monday morning. […] Continue reading →

Assad, Putin Lead Obama by the Nose

by Tad Cronn The public humiliation of President Obama continues. Just a few days after the Russians pulled out the rug from under Obama’s feet during his march to war in Syria, his Administration is being undercut again, with Bashar Assad now insisting that he will not hand over his chemical weapons unless Obama stops […] Continue reading →

Kerry set to test Russia on Syria weapons

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Geneva Thursday morning to test the seriousness of a Russian proposal to secure Syria’s chemical weapons. Kerry and a team of U.S. experts will have at least two days of meetings with their Russian counterparts on Thursday and Friday. They hope to emerge with an outline of […] Continue reading →

Putin Pulls Obama’s Strings

Well, if you’re one of those out there who has thus far failed to see the dominance of Vladimir Putin in the Putin/Obama relationship … the light surely must be shining now. In the last 24 hours our Dear Ruler has managed to show not only America, but the rest of the world, just how […] Continue reading →