Don’t drink the water, says 4th-largest Ohio city

 Toxins possibly from algae on Lake Erie fouled the water supply of the state’s fourth-largest city Saturday, forcing officials to issue warnings not to drink the water and the governor to declare a state of emergency as worried residents descended on stores, quickly clearing shelves of bottled water. “It looked like Black Friday,” said Aundrea […] Continue reading →

Michelle Malkin: The Environmental Corruption Agency

 The lofty motto of the Environmental Protection Agency is “protecting people and the environment.” In practice, however, EPA bureaucrats faithfully protect their own people and preserve the government’s cesspool of manipulation, cover-ups and cronyism. Just last week, Mark Levin and his vigilant Landmark Legal Foundation went to court to ask federal district judge Royce Lamberth […] Continue reading →

U.S. water supplies contaminated with lead, tungsten, strontium, aluminum and uranium

Natural News – by Mike Adams  The sodium fluoride added to U.S. water supplies is contaminated with the toxic elements lead, tungsten and aluminum, a Natural News Forensic Food Labs investigation has revealed. Strontium and uranium were also found in substantial quantities in some samples, raising additional questions about the purity of industrial fluoride used […] Continue reading →

Just Who is Waging the ‘War on Science’?

Paul Driessen  Left-leaning environmentalists, media and academics have long railed against the alleged conservative “war on science.” They augment this vitriol with substantial money, books, documentaries and conference sessions devoted to “protecting” global warming alarmists from supposed “harassment” by climate chaos skeptics, whom they accuse of wanting to conduct “fishing expeditions” of alarmist emails and […] Continue reading →

Mark Levin Sues Obama’s EPA for Illegally Destroying Public Records

 The Environmental Protection Agency is the epitome of bureaucratic tyranny.  The agency is filled with unelected bureaucrats that wield the power of government to attack individuals and businesses, all under the guise of environmental concern, in order to advance their progressive socialist agenda. The EPA has recently passed new regulations, greatly expanding the Clean Air […] Continue reading →

Geoengineer Ken Caldeira: Shining More Light On Jesse Ventura’s Disinformation Campaign

Dane Wigingtongeoengineeringwatch.org  What happened to Jesse Ventura? No matter what there was not to like about Jesse, one always felt that he at least was making an effort to expose uncomfortable truths. Now, with Ventura’s latest piece which focused on “chemtrails” (of course Ventura avoided the scientific terms of “geoengineering” and “climate engineering”), he has […] Continue reading →

The Jailbird Architect of Obama’s Global Warming Plan

Phil Kerpen  When President Obama announced an unprecedented effort by the EPA to strong-arm states into adopting cap-and-trade, he made the announcement not by focusing on the benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but rather on the so-called co-benefits that closing coal plants will have on particulate matter, which is already tightly regulated. These purported […] Continue reading →

Justices limit existing EPA global warming rules

 The Supreme Court on Monday placed limits on the sole Obama administration program already in place to deal with power plant and factory emissions of gases blamed for global warming. The justices said that the Environmental Protection Agency lacks authority in some cases to force companies to evaluate ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This […] Continue reading →

U.S. mayors to use nature to fight climate change

 Mayors from the GOP-dominated states of Texas and Arizona are calling on cities to use nature to fight the impacts of climate change, even while Republican governors and lawmakers repeatedly question the science that shows human-caused pollution contributes to global warming. As conservative governors criticize the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s new rules designed to cut […] Continue reading →

Curious About Explosive Chemicals Near You? Texas Attorney General Says It’s Secret

State Impact – by MOSE BUCHELE  Ever since a fertilizer plant blew up last year and killed 15 people in West, Texas, many Texans have wanted to know where dangerous chemicals are stored in their area. Until recently, it was pretty easy to find out. They could simply ask the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). But a string of recent rulings […] Continue reading →