Should colleges be dumping the SAT?

Jazz Shaw, CNN’s Stephen Burd and Joanne Zalatoris have an interesting analysis of a decision by George Washington University (among others) to do away with the requirement for applicants to provide their SAT or ACT scores as part of the college admissions process. Is this a good idea and will it improve the general pool… [Read More]

Why Are So Many College Students Depressed?

Gracy Olmstead, The New York Times tells a sad tale of suicide and depression at The University of Pennsylvania—a growing trend amongst universities throughout the nation: Ms. Holleran was the third of six Penn students to commit suicide in a 13-month stretch, and the school is far from the only one to experience a so-called suicide cluster…. [Read More]

Hysterical Women’s Studies

Mike Adams,  Every now and then I have to apologize for going a little bit over the top. Recently, I did that when I suggested we should eliminate all university majors ending with the word “studies.” Obviously, that’s a little extreme. So I apologize. Instead, I am going to suggest that we eliminate some of… [Read More]

How High School Nearly Destroyed Me, and Why School Choice Matters

Justin Haskins,  Many say school choice is a dangerous idea because it turns parents and students into customers and teachers into something like service providers. In my experience, the absence of school choice turns parents and students into captives with no ability to make decisions that would improve educational opportunities. My time at Dover High… [Read More]

Federal Student Loans Increase Cost of Tuition, But Don’t Raise Enrollment

Aaron Bandler,  While college students around the country are burdened with over $1 trillion in student loan debt, a report from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York shows that the federal student loans have increased the cost of college tuition, but college enrollment did not increase.  The Washington Free Beacon highlighted the relevant parts of the… [Read More]

Study blames college tuition arms race on schools addicted to federal aid

 A new explosive study has found a direct link between expanded federal aid and rising tuition rates among the nation’s colleges and universities, re-energizing a debate over the escalating cost of post-secondary education for millions of Americans. Critics say the findings prove a long-held theory that current aid policy is not helping, and may be… [Read More]

Student Loans May Be Driving the Tuition Explosion

The surging cost of U.S. college tuition has an unlikely culprit: the generosity of the government’s student-aid program, a report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said. Increases in federal loans, meant to help students cope with rising costs, are quickly eaten up by schools in higher prices, wrote David O. Lucca, Karen… [Read More]

Republican Rubio calls U.S. higher education system ‘cartel,’ urges overhaul

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio on Tuesday called for an overhaul of the U.S. higher education system, saying colleges were operating as a “cartel” and were not meeting the needs of students or the economy. “We do not need timid tweaks to the old system. We need a holistic overhaul,” Rubio said in a policy… [Read More]

Angry Parents Stand Up To School Board Over Lessons On ‘Gay Marriage’; Room Erupts

The school board in Fairfax County, Va., overwhelmingly passed a measure last week concerning the district’s sexual education curriculum. WTTG reported last Thursday that the board voted 10-2 to keep part of the Family Life Education (FLE) curriculum for K-10 students. This means students could learn about gender identity and sexual orientation in the seventh grade…. [Read More]

U.S. top court agrees to weigh affirmative action in college admissions

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday waded into a new major battle over the future of affirmative action in college admissions by agreeing to take up for the second time a challenge to the process for picking students used by the University of Texas at Austin. The justices agreed to hear a case brought by… [Read More]

‘Whitey’ Bulger tells teens who wrote him for school history project: ‘My life was wasted’

BOSTON –  Former Boston crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger had some advice for three high school girls who wrote to him for a history project: Crime doesn’t pay. The 85-year-old sent the handwritten letter, dated Feb. 24, from federal prison in Florida where he is serving two life sentences, The Boston Globe reported Sunday. “My… [Read More]

First Amendment Sensitivity Training

Mike Adams, In my last column, I made the case for establishing First Amendment Centers on public university campuses. I argued that such centers should focus on eight goals, four of which would be corrective measures, and four of which would be proactive measures designed to enhance respect for divergent opinions. In the last column,… [Read More]