Dr. Ben Carson: “We Have Got to Put the Constitution Back on the Top Step”

Retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson is looking and sounding more and more like a man preparing to run for office, namely the office of the President.

Dr. Ben Carson has been receiving thousands upon thousands of petitions asking, if not demanding, that he run for President.

Dr. Carson is also doing quite well in many of the various straw polls, which gauge the appeal of candidates and the interest level of certain voting blocs regarding the leading potential candidates.

Dr. Carson recently appeared on Fox News and spoke with host Shannon Bream, first about the Israel/Hamas conflict, then about his probable run for the Presidency, signaled by the creation of a Political Action Committee (PAC). (H/T Fox News Insider)


“We did put together a PAC this weekend, called the USA First PAC, and really we need to put the groundwork in place in case we make subsequent decisions, because you never want to go in flat-footed, but also because we want to be able to support those candidates who are running this fall.”

“I think this is a critical election.  If we don’t get by this election this fall, I don’t know how much good infrastructure will be left, in terms of a democratic society.”

“The fact of the matter is, if we don’t have a major change, and we have people who have common sense, and not have people who are trying to create a quote Utopian society, that so many have tried in the past, then we could very easily lose America as it stands, so that’s why we created a PAC, to really move forward that process of helping to win the Senate this fall.”

“We have to do things that work for everybody.  We have to put the Constitution back on the top step, and we have to stop picking and choosing which laws we want to enforce.”


As usual, Dr. Carson is right.  This November’s midterm election is vitally crucial and critical.  The GOP must remove Harry Reid from his position as Senate Majority Leader, if there is any hope of getting anything done, or even of just stopping President Obama’s agenda.

Carson is a wise man full of common sense.  He would make an excellent President, as he would rely on his knowledge of history, our nation’s founding principles, and the Constitution to lead this nation back to greatness and prosperity.

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  • Carla F

    Overall, Dr. Carson exhibits strong logic and common sense. On fiscal responsibility, he not only believes in it’s necessity for the financial well-being of our current and future generations of citizens, but also understands fiscal irresponsibility jeopardizes the security of our country. He believes our economy needs to work in a free market environment, understanding this is not only how jobs are created but also how an employed person aggregates their self value by strengthening their work ethic. On the issue of race, he believes that “We have a choice of concentrating on superficial characteristics, which mean little or nothing, or concentrating on the source of our humanity, our intellect, our personality and the content of our character.” He recognizes that our current government is gigantic and bloated and says “because many in Congress want to keep returning term after term, they need to constantly campaign and seek funding, much of which is obtained from special interest groups…money from these groups is not given without strings attached. One solution to the problem of special interest groups might be to lengthen the term one serves as a representative from 2 years to 6, 8, or even 10 years-with no possibility of reelection.” On issue after issue, Dr. Carson not only identifies the challenges we have as a nation, but also presents strong logic and common sense to the solutions to these challenges. Dr. Carson would make an excellent president, not only for his positions on the issues, but also because of the process he uses to solve the issues.

  • Carrie Barton

    Show Dr. Carson that you support him and sign the petition. http://www.runbenrun.org/296922/petition?recruiter_id=207883

    Dr. Ben Carson is not a career politician. He has shown a deep interest in public life and the state of the nation. He is a true leader with a positive vision for America, which he summarizes in his latest book “America the Beautiful”, and presented as well in his multiple public speeches and articles.

    Dr. Carson’s life is an example in every way. He was raised in poverty and worked hard to move beyond it. Since childhood he wanted to be a doctor and help people, and he certainly became successful in one of the most challenging fields, neurosurgery. He never stopped working hard, and became Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital at the age of 33. He pushed the limits of science and developed new procedures that made him famous around the world, and we can say that he was personally involved in saving thousands of lives. Dr. Carson is used to the reality of human suffering, which he approaches with empathy and humility.