Jade Helm? Leaked Footage of the National Guard You’re Not Supposed to See

 By now you are aware of the infamous military “drill” known as, Jade Helm, that will be taking place July 15th – September 15th in many U.S. States including: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Utah, Nevada, California, Florida, and Mississippi.

While this may seem like business as usually the drill screams preparation for martial law. Not only that but I recently uncovered a presidential police task force geared towards making preparations for amping up police activity in our cities, communities, schools, and businesses. With these two pieces of the puzzle it’s almost a solid case that at some point in our future we will witness the rise of Martial Law and FEMA round-up…which has already happened to some extent is a few cities here in the U.S. If we add to that the fact that now the National Guard is preparing as well, then we’ve got some major stuff to consider.  

The raw footage you’re about to see below is from the FEMA dirty bomb joint exercise hosted by the national guard and FEMA. It clearly portrays the National Guard rounding up citizens and moving them to internment camps.  Here is the breaking footage from Infowars…  




What is the Presidential Police Task Force? 

On December 18, 2014, President Barack Obama secretly signed an executive order creating a Presidential Task Force geared at 21st Century Policing. This Force seeks not only to identify ways for police departments to better themselves but also promotes increased interaction of our local police officers in our schools, businesses, communities and many other aspects of our lives. The main objective of the force is to get the public acquainted with their presence and to establish a trust connection in communities.  

While this all sounds like “sunshine and lollipops” we must consider this a step towards the integration of preparation for martial law. Considering this task force comes on the heels of Jade Helm—who’s object it is to gain public trust as well— we must consider the possibility. What are the chances that both Jade Helm, (a military training exercise) and the Presidential Task Force for the 21st Century (a police objective report) are geared at gaining the publics trust? Could there be a link between them and martial law preparation? Or am I thinking too much into it? 

Here is that breaking report…. 


According to Jade Helm one of the main objectives for the Military is to: “…work with civilians to gain their trust and an understanding of the issues.”  

According to the Presidential Task Force for the 21st Century Policing Report the main objective is to promote: “Trust between law enforcement agencies and the people they protect and serve…” It further states that “People are more likely to obey the law when they believe those who are enforcing it have the right—the legitimate authority—to tell them what to do.” (page1 

The report also exposes the goal of having local police highly involved in our communities, schools, businesses and lives on a daily basis, “The mission of the task force is to examine how to foster strong, collaborative relationships between local law enforcement and the communities they protect…” (page 1 

These similarities are striking! And while it seems like a good thing, the question needs to be asked; why is there an uptick in readying the community to trust the military through Jade Helm and the police force through the Presidential Task Force? Do they fear something is around the corner?  

But that’s not all the Presidential Task Force Report reveals. I also found these interesting facts enclosed in the document:  

Pages 2 and 3 describe seven sessions conducted as a result of this task force that discuss a wide range of recommendations from faith leaders, law enforcement, academics, and more. It includes:   

  1. Building Trust and Legitimacy (gaining trust of community) 
  2. Policy and Oversight (policies) 
  3. Technology and Social Media (How to use technology to help police and privacy issues)  
  4. Community Policing and Crime Reduction (community policing and more trust building.)  
  5. Training and Education (Of which Jade Helm is a part of, just how to train) 
  6. Officer Safety and Wellness 
  7. Future of Community Policing (how to implement procedures)  

Some recommendations on how to implement the above polices are as follows:  

“The President create a National Crime and Justice Task Force to review and evaluate all components of the criminal justice system of rate purpose of making recommendations to the country on comprehensive criminal justice reform.” (pg. 3) It further stated the reason why was because “the justice system alone cannot solve many of the underlying conditions that give rise to crime. It will be through partnerships across sectors and at every level of government that we will find the effective and legitimate long-term solutions to ensuring public safety.”  (pg. 4)  

This clearly could indicate a future partnership of sorts between the local law enforcement, federal government, and even branches of local businesses, churches, schools, etc. The problem with this is that it could turn into a mesh pot of information gathered against each individual kicking our privacy issues out the door. Further when our local police are continually interacting through “partnerships” we are likely to see an increase in police activity in our cities. Here are a few other recommendations promoting such interactions:  

Community policing should be infused throughout the culture and organizational structure of law enforcement agencies.” (pg. 43)  

“Law enforcement agencies should develop programs that create opportunities for patrol officers toregularly interact with neighborhood residents, faith leaders, and business leaders.” (pg.46)  

Law enforcement agencies should work with schools to develop and monitor school discipline policies with input and collaboration from school personnel, students, families, and community members. These policies should prohibit the use of corporal punishment and electronic control devices.” (pg.48-49)  

“Communities and law enforcement agencies should restore and build trust between youth and police by creating programs and projects for positive, consistent, and persistent interaction between youth and police.” (pg. 50)  

“The U.S. Department of Justice should explore public-private partnership opportunities, starting by convening a meeting with local, regional, and national foundations to discuss the proposals for reform described in this report and seeking their engagement and support in advancing implementation of these recommendations.” (pg. 71)  

Am I reading to much into this? Or is there a link to be made? I guess the ultimate decision is yours. But either way, don’t say I didn’t warn you!!! 

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